Ep:70 Shag-maps, Gravy and Posh People

Uncle Si & Uncle Dave peruse past partners, gravy & soft beds.

Imagine what a turbulent world it would be without The Agony Uncles... if they didn't don their solving-trousers every week and help us with our issues, we'd barely sleep!
In this episode, we find them Giving Gravy Advice, it's not all about the granules you know....then there's the issue of Soft Beds.....shudder....or how about Posh People and their mad behaviour. Plus we must spare a thought for the new partner who found his other half's Shag Map....a bit of a shock to say the least......
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And breathe.......

In this week's episode, Peter wrote into the studio asking for tips for making homemade gravy instead of using granules. Agony Uncles Si & Dave, aka the Hairy Bikers, sprung into action with some essential tips for making good gravy the old-fashioned way.

You can follow the recipe for our lovely home-made gravy found on this website at the following link

As an alternative, we have also published our onion gravy recipe from the Hairy Dieters - Go Veggie cookery book.

Ep:70 Shag-maps, Gravy and Posh People

Lovely home-made gravy from the Hairy Bikers Perfect Pies cookery book

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Ep:70 Shag-maps, Gravy and Posh People

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