The Hairy Dieters Go Veggie

Turnip the heat and put veggies back on the weight-loss menu!

The Hairy Dieters Go Veggie

80 delicious vegetarian recipes to make losing weight and eating less meat even easier.

In their multi-million selling Hairy Dieters series, the Bikers proved that you can eat your favourite foods and still lose weight. 

We know this latest book will come as a big surprise to you. You’re used to us as lads who love our meat, and for years we’ve been busy sharing our recipes for chicken pies, lamb curries and meaty casseroles.

We still love all that – it’s part of who we are – but we also know that if you ignore the veggies you’re missing out big time. As cooks, we’ve always appreciated our veg and they’re a hugely important part of our cooking. And lately, without really thinking about it, we’ve been eating less meat. We’re not giving it up altogether, but the more we learn about cooking great food, the more we enjoy making use of all the amazing produce that’s on offer and creating dishes where vegetables, pulses and other plant foods are the stars of the show. This also fits well with our desire to keep eating healthily and maintain our weight loss.

Si & Dave

Jam-packed full of delicious, low-cal versions of traditional classics and family favourites, they have taken the deprivation out of dieting and helped millions shift the pounds.

They show that going vegetarian can be just as easy as going low-cal. Whether you want to cut out meat entirely, cut down, or just incorporate some more meat-free dishes into your diet, the book is full of simple and easy-to-follow recipes for tasty veggie meals and snacks, from Lancashire Hot Pot to Veggie Sausages.

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