Ep 65: The One-Eyed Wanderer, Curry Worry & Too TALL!

Uncle Si & Uncle Dave assist with lazy lovers, wandering willies & curry!

There's no such thing as an average week when you're an Agony Uncle, oh no, it's a constant dish of dilemmas.

Luckily Uncle Si, Uncle Dave & Posh Tash, assisted by The Thin White Duke are more than a match for misery.

This week, expect a One-Eyed Pokey Prodder, a Curry Worry and a Tall / Short problem. Add into that someone who Can't Be Bothered To Dump Him and you have a busy podcast from the Hairy Bikers.

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Ep 65: The One-Eyed Wanderer, Curry Worry & Too TALL!

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This week, Uncles Si and Dave discussed curries in detail following contact from Stu, one of our Podcast listeners who wanted to know what was the hottest curry they recommended but still able to taste the food. The Uncles discussed their Lamb Vindaloo and Aubergine (Brinjal) Pickle, both recipes can be found in The Hairy Bikers' Great Curries cookery book and on this website.

The Agony Uncles also mentioned Aktar Islam, a Michelin Starred Chef who has an Indian fine-dining restaurant in Birmingham. Aktar also offers a home delivery service which both Si and Dave have used on a number of occasions. Further information can be found at - https://aktarathome.co.uk/