The Hairy Bikers' Great Curries

The one-stop cookbook for the best curries, rice, breads and chutneys you've ever tasted.

The Hairy Bikers' Great Curries

In this book, Si and Dave have put together loads of brand-new recipes from around the world - from simple dishes for a quick midweek taste treat to fantastic feasts for a weekend celebration.

Their recipes are the real deal, using great techniques and secrets they've discovered on their travels in Asia as well as years of cooking curries themselves.

You'll find all the recipes and tips you need to make some mouth-watering meals, with everything from starters to pickles and chutneys. This is the one-stop shop for the best curries you've ever tasted - fresh, full of flavour and fantastic.

These are curries for the 21st century.

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