Episode 48: Useless Hubby, Best Friend & My Fella & Tofu Tragedy!

Uncle Si & Uncle Dave fix Bestie Bother, Hopeless Hubby's and a fear of FISH???

Photograph of Si King and Dave Myers aka The Hairy Bikers with arms folded

Look at that, another week and another episode of the Agony Uncles! Those Hairy Bikers pool all their knowledge gained at the university of life to solve your issues, along with The Thin White Duke and Posh Tash.

This week, The Hopeless Hubby needs help, as does The Best Friend and My Fella..ooer, sound tricky. Or should that be sticky as we have a Tofu Tragedy and a lady who has a Fear Of Fish.....amongst other foodstuffs.

It's a busy week for the team, but there's always room for more, just email AgonyUncles@TheHairyBikers.co.uk

Now then, sit back and enjoy the ride......

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