To Russia, with love!

Si and Dave taste some of Russia's finest foods (washed down with a vodka) and go down the rabbit hole of a country and culture we know very little about. What will they think of modern Russia when they come out the other side?

To Russia, with love!

Recipes from this episode:

Episode 3 of 6.

The papers are awash with stories of Russia's latest anti-western political play and the Bikers are slightly nervous, but they've got their visas and they're going in! There is only one problem... their bikes are not. Dave has a surprise for Si - a post-war Ural motorbike (complete with sidecar) and the very first bike Dave owned. We see the boys' preconceptions of this country challenged as they spend a night backstage at the ballet courtesy of one of Russia's most powerful oligarchs, become a walking history lesson courtesy of St Petersburg's biggest fashion designers, immerse themselves in Soviet culture and cook for everyday Russians in their dacha (or country house).

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