Asian Adventure: South to Kyoto

​The Bikers are nearing the end of their Asian Adventure. In the penultimate episode the boys head off into the heart of traditional Japan to find out the historic roots of Japanese cuisine.

Asian Adventure: South to Kyoto

Si and Dave start off riding around Mount Fuji National Park before heading off for a lesson in Udon from a noodle maker.

The Bikers then visit a Japanese Buddhist temple where they meet a Liverpool FC-supporting monk who once made a pilgrimage to Anfield.

The boys spend the night at the monastery before cooking dinner for their hosts as a thank you for their hospitality. As the food has to be prepared by people with purified minds Si and Dave are spiritually cleansed before rustling up a tofu stew.

The Bikers finish off their Japanese journey being entertained by one of Kyoto's geisha, complete with traditional drinking games.
Next week, in their final adventure, the boys head to Korea to find out why Korean food is set to be the next big thing in the UK, Thursday 20th March at 8pm on BBC Two.

Knock up your own noodle dishes to nibble on with the Chashu Pork Ramen, Tofu, Aubergine and Lotus root stew and Beef Sukiyaki recipes from this week’s episode.