Asian Adventure: Tokyo

​In their latest Asian Adventure the Bikers fulfil a lifetime’s ambition as they begin exploring Japan, the home of their all-time favourite food. This week the boys are in Tokyo; the gastronomic capital of the world.

Asian Adventure: Tokyo

Their first stop is a Maid Café which is inspired by the Japanese obsession with Manga. Si is left less than impressed when he is made to wear kitty ears!

It’s an early start the next day as the boys head to Tokyo fish market at 4.30am to try out the freshet sushi known to man.
Over in the Ryogoko district they experience the privilege of entering a Sumo Stable where they sample a 10,000 calorie breakfast and take on a Sumo wrestler in the ring.

Si and Dave then join a group of local ladies for a masterclass in how to make miso, and win the ladies over with their dish of Miso Baked Black Cod.

Next week the bikers head off into the heart of traditional Japan to find out the historic roots of Japanese cuisine, Thursday 13th March at 8pm on BBC Two.

Tuck in to a taste of Tokyo with Miso Baked Black Cod and Tonkatsu Pork recipes from this week’s episode.