The Hairy Dieters

Hairy Dieters


The Hairy Bikers are back with a brand new mission. Si King and Dave Myers have made their names cooking real food for real people, creating mouth-watering dishes big on flavour and calories and their bodies have taken the toll after many years of good cooking.

Now all that has to stop. The problem is they’re not prepared to live on salads and compromise on taste. Loving the food they eat is a cornerstone of their lives and they know they won’t succeed in shedding the pounds if the food they eat is dull and repetitive. Their plan: to try to create some delicious healthy recipes to help them on their way and so persuade Britain to lose weight with them.

Getting trimmer starts at home, so the boys seek their families’ support as they’ll have to come along for the ride too. Then as Si and Dave set out to change the way they eat they conclude it’s not just the food that’s got to be different; their lifestyles will have to change too. It’s time, they decide, to garage their beloved motorbikes and take up pedal power in their quest to lose weight.

On their journey the boys will join forces with the men and women of Britain to find ways of creating food that satisfies their lust for tasty cooking and answers the demands of the doctors and nutritionists who want them to make less of themselves. The boys hope that what starts with a mighty weigh-in will end in triumph, lessons learned and trousers taken in.

Calling on viewers to help build an online cookbook of low-cal delights, the Bikers set out to discover how to enjoy the best Great British food at home, when entertaining friends and menu in hand at the restaurant and still lose weight. Creating new dishes and adapting some culinary treasures to make them and us fitter for life, Si and Dave deliver laughter and tears on an emotional and great-tasting odyssey.

The Hairy Bikers say: "We're two blokes who love food. As we've always said, 'We're not this shape for nowt.' Last year we spent four months sampling the finest patisseries in Europe. We had a blinding good time, but it has left both of us with a bit of a spare tyre. It's time to get that punctured in a way that is sensible and sustainable.

"Making this series is going to be a real challenge for us both, and we each have our own very personal reasons for wanting to change our eating habits, which will become evident in the programme.

"It's our way of being responsible and aware of the problems so many people have with health and diet, and the first stop is ourselves. But it's not a U-turn, it's more of a detour and we hope lots of viewers will join us in our journey to shed those extra pounds that make our waistlines strain sometimes..."

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  • That's a brilliant idea and you are both looking great !

    • I watched the shows and loved them, well done guys! I have been trying to find the drink you made with elderflower cordial etc, but can't find it anywhere? I have even bought the book thinking it might be in there, i should have saved the programme and gone back to it. Can you help - fellow GEordie girl!

      • It's on the BBC website:

      • Thanks for asking the question did this a couple of times and loved it then lost the recipe nice and easy to find again thanks to you for asking first saved me a lot of searching.

      • Tesco have "Bottle Green" elderflower cordial.

    • hi do u have any recipes for chronich pancritus at all it s sooo hard to find them but i am gonna try sum u have listed ee :D thx to friend emily for the site

    • I know right, I have just came down from America just to watch the show, im a big fan of the biker community, real props. you guys are looking great, wish I could say the same about myself

  • Great stuff guys, I await the outcome eagerly. Been trying to control my diet and found food dull. Or really expensive. Will love to see what you do.

  • if the bikers can do it then maybe so can i, look forward to watching the show

  • Hi - I have searched high and low for this programme and I cannot find it. Can anyone tell when or if it has been aired yet.

    • hi Diana its on in Scotland on Thursdays at 8pm. Its great just like Dave and Si.

  • Brilliant idea but hope they don't take it toooo far and turn into stick insects,( fat chance of that ) guess Gerard their food historian will help them as he looks fit and healthy. Looking forward to this new programme and seeing them on tour in HULL !!

  • Now if I didn't know better, April, really, the 1st by any chance?

  • Great Idea, I look forward to watching. Love all your shows!

  • Love you your program's , recipes , sense of humour and your love of food. I know your recipes will be fantastic , just can't wait :) xx

  • Like Diana Kanter I have also been waiting for this programme to be shown. I just love them and their sence of humor.

  • When is the programme on and when does the book come out - is someone monitoring this web site so we can learn more - hope the picture is real!!!!

  • Also looking forward to the new show and some fantastic new recipes.
    Have placed order for book.

  • Air Date: August 2012


  • I was beginning to wonder if it was time you guys took a step back and focussed on yr health. Will be following your progress and hope to learn a lot! Good luck lads.
    For anyone looking for the broadcast date, go to top of this page and click Shows!

  • Seen you guys on The One Show looking great on your healthy eating , can't wait to watch and see the recipies

  • I am about Si's build and look forward to the program for inspiration !!!

  • Looking forward to your show boys. I've been healthy eating for nearly a year and lost 6 stone 4 lb. The food I'm eating is quite boring so looking forward to some fresh ideas. Hope it will encourage me to keep loosing.

  • Book coming 3/8 August from £10.49

  • Hello!
    We made your healthy Chicken Jalfrezi, as featured in Good Food magazine, last night. It was so delicious - apparently just like an authentic restaurant dish. We'll definitely be making it again.

    • Is there any chance you can give me the recipe I've accidentally thrown out my copy and can't find it anywhere? Thanks in advance x

  • Well done - I'm going on holiday tomorrow but have it on to record, can't wait to watch it! Will buy the book on return to get rid of holiday pounds - I love cooking!!

  • cant wait to see the new show, as i need to lose weight and look forward to getting new ideas. brill i love watching your shows and am coming to sse you at lowry in Manchester

  • not a great foodie but luv your shows think it's a great idea for two guys who love their food to have to show they need to lose weight brave thing to do considering food is what u do - Si made me cry about school - your are both inspirational x

  • please release a book or 2

  • Great show tonight ,will make your lasagne at the weekend keep up the good work xxx

  • i love this!! 2 years ago i was quite deeply depressed and had always used food as a 'healing' tool! which obviously had the opposite effect! i had ballooned to nearly 19stones....and desperately sad. a kind comment from my beloved dad made me realise how awful i was and decided to do something about it! 2 years on, with some help and councelling i am now 1. happy :) and 2. seven and a half stone lighter!!! (and only ponds away from my target! i love it! even my grandmother has walked past me because she didnt recognise me.
    this is a brililant thing you are doing, and i simply can not wait to getthe book and try some recipes!

    thank you hairy people!!

  • have struggled for years trying all ways but fall of the wagon so to speak heres hoping I can hitch a ride with the two of you and stay on this time

  • The new programme was brill, I really enjoyed it and i'm definitely going to try the lasagna recipe,You can do it guys!!

  • Hi ya Guys, saw the first show of your new series yesterday. Great Challenge to beat That calorie monster, and so far you've done a Great job. You two make us laugh all THE Way, up here in Delft, THE Netherlands. Love your bikes and all THE food yo'all preparing. Greets from Dutch fans, keep it up.

  • Looking forward to more recipes that are down to earth and still tasty.

  • A great show! My husband is diabetic with blood pressure and I need inspiration to give him tasty food that will trim(!) his waist - and my own. Always loved your recipes but the amount of butter, cream, cheese, salt etc. always made my eyes pop and only made your dishes as REALLY special. Hopefully, we will be able to sample more of your ideas.
    Thanks for the motivation.

  • Can't wait to watch the rest, being wheat and gluten intolerant I struggle with the wheat/gluten free pasta so using leeks is a great alternative which I had not thought of. Cheers loves xx

  • I made the "skinny lasagne" from your first show and it was delicious!! My husband loves his home cooked meals and even he liked the recipe despite not having pasta in it. You really need to cook the leeks thoroughly though otherwise serving up becomes interesting!

  • Have watched the programmes for years and loved them (I'm from Barrow originally)- but I too need to loose weight, or I'm facing potential serious health problems. Watched the programme, and bought the book - enough recipes to keep me interested, and get the weight off, with lots of sensible, down to earth advice! Thankyou

  • Guys seeing you tackle the life long problem of making food that is healthy but tastes good is something I look forward to. I have had a weight problem forever and need to face up to it. So with you guys tackling the food side and inspiration from our team GB I think it is about time I got my bottom into gear. Look forward to the next programme. Oh and a big hug of encouragement to you both!

  • I have just lost two and a half stone and a stone more to go and wanted a cook book that was healthy but normal food and that from what I can see from episode 1 is what you have done. Just bought it and can't wait to try it. Well done on your weight loss and you have filled a gap in the market as usually I find diet cook books only have 1 or 2 receipes I would even think about trying. Food we love that our mums used to make but low fat - BRILLIANT !

  • Brilliant was only saying the other day after losing 2 & 1/2 stone on a Lighter Life (which was brilliant the councelling was the key plus if its wasnt in my food pack bag I cant eat it (well drink it)) . That now I am eating real food again and having never really cooked anything but ready meals I wanted a cook book full of food I might actually want to eat. And then there your new series was I have watched the first one. BRILLIANT!! Just ordered the book and cant wait for it to arrive and cant wait for the next for this weeks episode. Thank you

  • Dudes! Great show the other night. Was very inspired by the 'skinny lasagne' which I made tonight and I have to say it was AWESOME! I made it with 5% fat beef, and I won't make normal Lasagne again. THANK YOU. Rock on \m/

  • made the Chicken Korma from the book today. INCREDIBLE! 2 family members said they would have sworn there was coconut or almonds in it, it was that good!

    • And we are determined to try every single recipe in the book! I cannot think of a single cookbook I have EVER said that about before.

  • Also made the skinny lasagne only I didn't use any mince but added some lentils instead so I could have a vegetarian version. Absolutely delicious. Got a spare one to freeze too. Thank you. Looking forward to the next show.

  • Love it! Si and Dave are great at the best of times but this program is I'd just like Si and Dave to pop around to mine and make me some dinner. I'm off to buy the book. Thanks guys \o/

  • hi guys thanks so much for ur brillient shows watched them all .but the best was your new diet show ,hubby and me have been trying to get slimmer for ages without much success so here,s hoping we do it this time ,will be watching you helping us . will get the book as soon as possible ,keep up the good work and keep on making us laugh ,thanks much love to u both and big hugs ..

  • great show ,, looking forward to book .. anyone know when it will be out

  • I was 22.5 stone and I am now 11 4 and like you two I'm eating well not dieting just concentrating on what I'm putting into my body.your programme is great to understand and you and the others are doing brilliantly !!! I will be watching with great attention

  • Hi i've been watching the show and it's great but i can't see the recipes. Was looking for the sausage n chicken cassaleut? or casserole in english lol. Help please :D x

  • Thank-you.

    Just watched the second episode and I'm totally blown away by how inspired you two make me feel. The honesty and emotion you both now have for weight loss combined your passion for flavour and good food gives me the hope that yes I too can shift this weight.

    • I completely agree. Just made the 'lasagne' tricky tricky tricky! but yummy. Took me over 1 hr to prepare though!

  • Hi Si & Dave.
    maybe you should consider doing a cycle challenge with your families and avid cyclists with a dieters meal at the end, raise cash get fit and roll it out to say a thousand, however your both looking great and keep up the good work.

  • have made the bacon and poached egg with watercress and cherry toms today , it was absolutely delicious and then i made the cassolet for tea very nice it was too and tomorrow am going to do the chicken masala x

  • First two shows- brill. My husband is disabled with a spinal condition and can't walk far or exercise. His weight has ballooned and he's felt so negative about it. Now he's really interested in your meals so I'm going to download the recipes. Thanks guys, keep it up!

  • Thanks guys for giving me the kick start I needed to get rid of my cheese filled wobbly belly. Iam a bookseller by trade I think this will be a massive hit. Love & peace

  • between the hairy dieters and the olympics i've totally inspired to lose weight and get fit

  • What a great idea, my husband does not do salads and loves tasty food, look forward to some more fantastic receipes from you. Good luck

  • Well done to you both, I need to lose weight, I will use you both as an inspiration

  • Have done nothing but talk about the recipes from your 1st two episodes, and have cooked the lasagne for the family and it was really well received. I'm already addicted to the crumpet & fruit breakfast. Looking forward to the book arriving in the post. We adore great tasting food, so find it difficult normally to keep the pounds off. Hopefully your ideas will go a long way to helping.

  • Watched the show tonight. Was really impressed. Sensible advice to change lifestyles and great to see the family support which is invaluable not only for losing weight but keeping the weight off. Congratulations on your progress so far.

  • you both look fab, but dont lose the biker look only messing keep up the good work love all your shows from linda in dublin

  • I made the skinny lasagne but with a few subsitutions:
    turkey mince instead of beef & a handful of puy lentils to bulk it up; raw courgettes sliced with a veg peeler in place of the leeks; and seasoned 0% fat yoghurt & 1/2 fat cheese instead of a white sauce (a wheat & gluten intolerant friend was round for dinner).
    A resounding success! Thanks guys - you've shown me I can still eat what I love but without being such a lard-arse ♥

  • Have been watching your new show and I am amazed. Am now re-jigging our eating habits, even the odd pie is out after what you told us, and am off to buy pizza mix and wraps - great work guys xxx

  • I am a fellow slimmer, have lost 5 stone to date with Slimming world. Am so in love with this programme as have always loved watching hairy bikers, but since 2010 is has been hard to watch the recipes knowing I can't eat any! Just a quick idea for a tasty healthy snack. dry roasted chickpeas. Like peanuts but healthier, and yummy when roasted with cajun spice mix or Bombay flavours, much love Xx

  • Love the programmes, you really have inspired us foodie lovers with the low cal versions of our favourites. With food intolerances to contend with as well, you have given me ideas of how to adapt my favourite dishes. Thank you

  • Any idea where I can find a list of the music used in this show?

  • Had the Skinny lasagne for dinner tonight, yum yum yum!! Have almost convinced my boyfriend with it too!
    Probably the first cookbook I've read cover to cover as soon as I've bought it. Cajun chicken and wedges next.....
    Well done Hairy Bikers or should I say Cyclists!!

  • Lads, I've been totally inspired by this series. Keep up the great work. Love watching you two.

  • Bought book1 love it, will be waiting patiently for book 2

  • Hey Guy what a fab way to put over a weight loss progamme I am so impressed I tried cooking, cant seem to get hold of the book yet though

  • Where are the recipes from the dieting show!? Want the pie recipe and the korma recipe but when searching there ARE NO RECIPES AT ALL!!! VERY Disappointed :(

    • Hi there, Im sorry to bother you if you have already had loads of replys. Iv just read your message about where to get the recipes from, I printed them off the site hope that helps, iv just tried and tested the pie, its well worth it.

  • hello si & dave you look good all you need now is a T shirt saying on the front " FAT MEANS FLAVOUR " and on the back " BUT CALORIES COUNT " haha keep up the good work love your cooking programmes looking forward to the next. Mark

  • Great inspiration guys, just did the skinny lasagne with a few variations and got the family eating veggies without adverse comment or leaving a pile on the side of their plates! Going for the Korma next!

  • We have been working through the recipe book and have had some really great tasty meals. The only disappointment has been the meat pie using pizza base mix. We found the 'pastry' a bit tough. Probably done something wrong! Any suggestions, please? We are having the salmon with ginger tonight. Looks really delicious!

  • while I love the hairy bikers recipes when will a series be devoted to us veggies the 25% of the population? regards

  • Whilst I applaud you for the achievement you've made, and will be trying some of the dishes, I am concerned that you were put on a daily diet of 1200 calories. I appreciate that slower weight-loss wouldn't have made such a good programme, but having been on a calorie-controlled diet myself, of 1400 calories with the aim of losing 2 stone, I lost a steady 1-2 lbs a week and maintained it afterwards. Your 1200, for hearty chaps like yourselves, seems almost like crash dieting. I would be interested to know the reasons why you put on so few.

  • That should read, why you were put on so few (by the dieticians).

  • I see all the comments posted here are very positive. Not a single criticism - could it be the critics are moderated out ?

  • Just made quorn chicken chunks and veggie pasties using health option pizza dough. Came in at just over 150 kcal each for a good size pasty. Very yummy thanks for the ideas. Keep up the hard work. x

  • I have lost 8 lbs in the last 2 weeks keeping off the booze and lowering carbs. Just ordered the book, can't wait to try the lasagne. Love the show, love you guys, well done

  • Well done boys you look great and you are an inspiration. The Hairy Dieters was excellent and you both look amazing. xx

  • Thanks for such a super recipe book.. the chicken pie is outstanding. Am looking forward to chomping my way through losing weight

  • Made the pies last night... Yum (so yum I've emailed the recipe to my sister in the West Indies)

    Tonight I am thinking korma and the tuna wraps for my lunch tomorrow :)

    Can't wait for the book to be delivered (seems everywhere near me has sold out!)

  • Have been glued to your show and loved every episode. Learned a lot and laughed a lot too. Can't wait for my book to arrive now :o) Thank you and keep up the good work. You both look fabulous!!!

  • This series is amazing. My husband and I have been cutting back for some time now, but have been getting bored with the basic salad. Have just tried and tested the mince and onion pie and what a revelation tasty low fat food. Its an unusal texture when your expecting pastry but boy does it hit the spot like pastry. Well worth a try. Thanks to the hairy dieters for passing on there gift.

  • So far tried:

    1. Korma
    2. Chilli salad bowls

    Both fantastic and all the family enjoyed even my 3 year old!

    Looking forward to trying the pies next followed by all the rest!

    You both look fab and well done :)

    See you on tour in November at Newcastle City Hall!


  • Entertaining as always, best thing for me though is that it is teaching me to change how I cook. Now I use a teaspoon instead of a tablespoon of oil, or none at all, and both my husband and I have lost half a stone in 2 weeks after years of trying to reduce our weight through sensible eating. Am trying the breaded chicken tonight, but the masala roast chicken last week was fabulous, and the pies will be going down a storm for our lunches next week.

  • in 1999 I had a heart attack and subsequent by pass op. I tried to get other cookery programmes to 'go for' low cal tasty recipes. No joy. Thank goodness you guys have had the guts to take on a major problem and provide help. Thanks guys.

  • just tried the chill bowls. fabulous, love you guys see you in bradford

  • Hey - went to but the book this morning and all sold out and being reprinted! WHS had had 11 stolen - I know it is a great idea, but that takes the biscuit!

  • Have missed the new show but wondered if you knew if it will be repeated. Can't get see it on bbciplayer at the moment. The programme seems to tackle the problem from a realistic point as it tweeks recipes to make normal food more healthy.

  • Love the programme and have tried a few of the recipes. Absolutely fab!

  • Great series and well done guys.
    I am a weight watchers gold member so am always looking for new tasty fellow WWers the low fat beef pies are 9 pro points per pie and 7 if you change to lean pork mince......FANBLOODYTASTIC!!!!!! Keep up the good work fellas and think up some more low fat stuff you are genius!!!

  • Thank you guys for changing the way we approach our food and helping us to still enjoy food while losing weight. When will you bring out book 2 ?!

    Love the receipes - we've used the cookbook every day and tried 14 receipes so far and we'd have them all again in a heartbeat. The whole family (even our teenagers) feel much healthier for it.

  • Excellent series. Just got the book & read it from cover to cover. Love your weight loss tips. Any chance of a low calorie Christmas Special programme & or book ??

  • Watched the series, and found it fantastic, as my boyfriend and I are trying to lose weight ourselves the series and the book are a great help.

    And I'd just like to add that I think it takes a lot of guts to do something like this in front of the camera.
    ALso, fantastic recipes I really love cooking and thought it would be really hard, but with your book it's really quite easy. I often look at my plate and think "gosh, it's really hard to lose some weight" (NOT)

    The only problem I have is that not all ingredients are for sale here in the Netherlands....still, keep up the good work guys

  • Did Scotland not get this programme ???? We are watching you Mississippi adventures at the moment ?

  • I have lost a stone in three weeks with the recipes in this book!! The recipes are really tasty and it doesn't feel as if you are on a diet. I really hope there is a second book of low calorie recipes. Well done boys!

  • I loved the tv series @ I've just got my book today, gonna start my hairy diet tomorrow, wish me look! :-)

  • Inspiring...the programmes motivated me into doing something positive about shifting my excess weight. I am exercising and using the recipes. Thank you !

  • You really don't know how much good you have done by showing men that it's not poncy to diet and lose weight. For the first time in his life, my husband has been inspired by you two to lose weight......a much needed decision! Few men would go to Weightwatchers, or Rosemary Conley....they just wouldn't feel male. I think you've hit on a franchise of some sort here....a diet for overweight, manly, men, with pies, and curries. A diet that 'blokes' can relate to. Really great. Thank you

  • loved the series and bought the book. so far have tried the chilli, the lasagne and the minestrone soup. all worked out really well; looking forward to the salmon and ginger tomorrow.

  • Missed the series! Gutted - anyone know if it is due to be repeated?

    • Check out over Xmas. I think it is being repeated on bbc3

  • What an absolute inspiration you both are. We bought the book and have tried almost every recipe, tonight made lamb,spinach and potato curry. It was awesome. My husband has lost 21 lbs and I have lost 19 lbs in 9 weeks and we are so thrilled. The pies are also a huge hit with our family, I made a batch and shipped them to our son who is working in London he was very impressed and loved them. Can't wait for your next programme.....bring It on.....

  • somehow managed to miss these programmes, anyone know of a site that i can watch them on please?

    • nik if you can not find the shows just go for the recipes they do work.

  • Great shows have lost 1 stone already and just hope the guys do another series as the recipes are spot on low fat without loosing taste. Thanks

  • The shows were great to watch, I've got the book to :-) I've managed to lose 12lbs in three weeks, the recipes are really good aswell. I made the cassoulet, but I didn't add the chicken and it was just as nice (with the veg and liquid left I blended it and it made a lovely soup too).

  • I watched the program and had to buy your book. I have been following the receipes in the book for 3 weeks now and have lost 19lbs already and do not feel hungry at all.

    i love the receipes as it does not feel like you are on a diet at all. I have even been able to cook a meal for the whole family and thank god for fakeaways.

    • Papi I agree about them 'fakeaways' they are magic trouble is me lady is driving me mad for em.

  • Just wanted to say thanks, watched the series and got inspired. Have now lost 10 kilo (1 1/2 stone) in 7 weeks.

  • What was the cone shaped knife sharpener they used, I think it was in the fakeaways episode?

  • These recipes have so far been great and I have lost weight. My only comment is that some of the temperatures and cooking times have to be treated as a guide better to err on the side of caution. So when is the next Dieters series guys?

  • We have been using your recipes since September 6th, combined with meal planning and moderate exercise. The four of us have lost 63 lbs. we have not felt either hungry or deprived and we are halfway there already. Thanks for you inspiration.

  • This is such a great recipe book - diet or no. I use it every day and have loved every recipe - not one has disappointed. I prefer these to the fattier versions and will never go back. I have also lost 10lbs!

  • Thank you so much, guys - but please, please, please! - give the next edition a more accessible font. An ex-biker not too far from me has really engaged with the scary subject of his weight since seeing the first episode. He went straight online and in spite of the difficulties involved (tunnel vision, poor memory and poor dexterity due to stroke) he bought the dvd and the book. Only to find that the text isn't accessible to him. Coloured text with serifs really cause him problems, and he so much wants to do it for himself and not have to be dependent on other people. You've managed to capture a really hard-to-reach group - but for him it's "so near and yet so far".

  • Great programme and ant astir recipe book, in particular, the best chilli and Bolognese EVER tasted!! A few of points I would like to raise: 1. It is so much easier when you are doing this as art of your job, much harder when it as to fit around your job. 2. Si, Dave, you missed a trick. Wholemeal pasta or brown rice should be a key to all your dishes as wholemeal releases energy lower, keeping you fuller for longer. 3. The king prawn curry needs a bit of heat. I add a teaspoon of paprika, which vastly improves the dish.
    Lastly, Si, Dave lets see a Chain of Hairy Dieters restaurants around the country!!

  • Use of pizza dough instead of short crust pastry. I am no expert but taking the tip from the Bikers I used the concept on an en croute and it works great. Hope we get a new series of ideas.

  • My hubby bought me the Hairy Dieters cook book for Christmas, have cooked a few recipes, all tasted fantastic, my favourite so far Cottage Pie. Soooooo tasty !

  • I've lost 5lbs in a week on your recipe diet book, easy recipes, good filling portions, good food and most importantly the recipes contain everyday food found in most peoples cupboards/fridges. Love it, thank you

  • I work on a venison farm. Venison has less fat than beef, what are your thoughts on substituting beef for venison in the recipes

  • Bought your book on Friday, had the lamb tagine for dinner tonight - absolutely amazing! So tasty and filling, can't wait to try the next recipe!

  • Loving the show and book but wanted to check, when the calorie count is given does it include the accompaniments? I.e. Minestrone Soup is 98 calories per portion but you suggest serving it with a slice of bread! Just trying to keep on track with calories!

  • Thank you guys. For a Long time I was so active that food was never an issue. But when kids came along it became more dificault to make time and my eatting habits didn't change. The pounds have piled on and I needed help, your food isn't for me a diet. Its a life style change. Im trying new things and I'm pleased to say I'm loving them. If my life style hadn't have changed I might not have been here much longer so truely thank you.

  • Dave gave a really touching little talk about how giving up his glass of wine as part of his diet regime
    It was marvelous it should be YouTube
    So what episode was please and where can I see it again?
    Great Series
    Thanks many times

  • It seems the Hairy Dieters Book is really popular for people on the WeightWatchers ProPoints Plan. Someone has even worked out the ProPoints for every recipe and has posted it on the WW website message boards. I reckon that'll make sales of the book go through the roof! I ordered mine yesterday. Well done Hairy Dieters!

  • Well done you guys! Series was excellent and the results were great. I'd recommend buying the book. My wife (who does most of the cooking) bought me the book 2 weeks into my diet. So far have lost over a stone in 3 and half weeks! Haven't felt so well in ages. Keep it up!

  • Thank you I have now lost a stone and 9lbs in total over four months my mum has lost nearly 3 stone in six months, it's not a diet, it's a change of lifestyle the food is fab, I feel fab, I hope there will be a book 2 with more delicious easy to follow recipes, look forward to seeing you both on tour!

  • Well done Hairy Dieters!! Have loads of 'Low Calorie, Low Fat & Low Taste' recipe books which I used once or twice. Bought The Hairy Dieters cookbook and it's now a weekly 'go to' for weekly recipes. The Chicken Korma & Chicken and Ham Tangle Pie are fantastic!! When will we see 'Part 2'??

  • Guys, you ride adventure bikes so we're already on the same page. I love the show obviously and your food creations are mouth-watering. But, that's not what has inspired me to drop some weight. What did it was the seriousness with which you took on the task. That was real reality TV! Si, if you were faking the emotions going across your face when shown your BMI then you deserve an Academy, but I'm pretty sure it wasn't faked and that's what sold me. Thank you both for being honest about yourselves and true to your craft. Can't wait to lose 10kgs so I can ride faster and better!

  • .....CHICKEN most favourite recipe in the HD book.......i have it at least three times a week.....add at least four more chillies....bulk it out with celery...mushrooms....& extra tomatoes...onions.....courgettes......this way...i have more curry......& don`t have to add rice as the amount fills me nicely.....adding the extra veg....doesn`t add many more calories....

  • A few people at work had the dieters cook bok and always taking about what recipes they were doing, so thought I but the book and try done so many of the recipes all lovely. Trouble only 3 in our house and a lot of the recipes are for 6 so try and reduce the ingredients. Please do another book like it the recipes are full of flavour best cook I ever brought

  • Hi
    We have just started to work trough the book so far we are very happywith the results easy to follow great taste, Have just got the book for my parents they will love it to. Are you going to do a second book ?? If you are ever down in East Sussex pop into Wessons cafe in Horam lots of bikers at a week end . Thanks for the great food . We have been cooking for 6 so we get 2 meals and use the rest for my work lunches .

    Terry & Trudi

  • sweet and sour sauce from the Hairy Dieters book is the best I've tasted. Easy to make. Love using it with quorn

  • Just made the lamb tagine from the Hairy Dieters book. It was really easy and so tasty - the family loved it. 10/10!

  • Please boys love the diet books please can you bring out a diabetic one ... in the mean time I will use your diet books we need more please

  • Hy guys.
    I just wanted to add my eating healthy tips. I have been avoiding flour(anything made with flour), grains, bread, beans, peas, starchy vegetables,less fruits as it contains sugar, I use olive oil,coconut oil or almond oil and if I really want to treat myself with something baked I use almond dairy, only lean cuts of meat, and loads of veggies.

  • Hi guys. Saw the re-run of the start of the dieters show and loved the idea for lazagna with leeks instead of pasta. Can't find the receipe though so not sure of quantities - can you help please?

  • thanks guys for your books and at last found a scheme that suits me. Have now lost 2 stones and 41/2 lbs!!!!

  • You guys have changed my life. While my priority is not losing weight (though maybe it should be) I am learning how to cook, after a lifetime of dependency on partners. Not only am I enjoying being in the kitchen but I am creating and eating some amazing meals. Friends are staggered. Thanks to you and your books. grateful thanks.

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