Ep 78: Phyllis, Dimples and Hair Dye

Uncle Si & Uncle Dave solve Shortbreads, Spuds & Hair Dye dilemmas

Ep 78: Phyllis, Dimples and Hair Dye

You think you know someone, and then they surprise you. In this week's Agony Uncles, Uncle Dave reveals a celebrity from the past who used to rely on his hair-dying skills........handy as he and Uncle Si need to solve a Hair-dye Dilemma! Alongside that, aided as usual by Posh Tash and The Thin White Duke, the boys fix foodie issues like Dimples In Your Shortbread......and even Ponder Potatoes! Add in a Lamentable Lunch and you have an action-packed episode.

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Ep 78: Phyllis, Dimples and Hair Dye

In this week's Cookery Corner, Greet wrote to the Agony Uncles HQ asking why her dimples disappear when baking shortbread. Uncle Si's "helpful" suggestion was to prod the shortbread a bit harder! AU-HQ then received an email from Kieran asking for what is considered to be a versatile ingredient. His was mushrooms, Uncle Si's was the onion and Uncle Dave suggested the humble potato.

So, after this week's selection of ingredients and biscuits, here are a couple of recipes to consider:-

Cheese shortbread from the Brilliant Bakes cookery book

Cheese, Onion & Potato Pie also from the Brilliant Bakes cookery book

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