Ep 55: Sticky Sex, Beetroot & Diet Success!

Uncle Si & Uncle Dave talk Marshmallow Lovin', Gasbags and Hairy Dieters!

Ep 55: Sticky Sex, Beetroot & Diet Success!

It may be cold outside but it's WARM in Uncle Si & Uncle Dave's hearts as they solve the deeply distressing issue alongside their trusty helpers Posh Tash and The Thin White Duke.

This episode delivers a spine tingling helping of horrors with Marshmallow Sex Gone WRONG! in which a sticky situation occurs. Then there's Beetroot Bother to deal with alongside some Hairy Dieters success. We like hearing the good news as well as the bad. Finally, they deal with The Chatty Chatty Nightmare in what can only be described as a PACKED episode.

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It would be rude not to.....though not as rude as those marshmallows......hmmm....

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Recipes using Beetroot mentioned in this week's podcast

Beetroot and goats’ cheese risotto found in the 12 Days of Christmas recipe book

Borscht found in the Meat Feasts recipe book

Red Onion & Beetroot Tarte Tatin found in the One Pot Wonders recipe book

Ep 55: Sticky Sex, Beetroot & Diet Success!