A trip down memoir lane...

The boys get into the Thursday Throwback spirit for their latest autobiography Blood, Sweat and Tyres.

Brace yourselves folks, we’ve been digging around in our old albums for our autobiography!

Si & Dave

The Hairy Bikers are known for their many cookbooks and TV shows, but now they are here to tell you how it all started!

Si and Dave have lived life to the fullest. They had fantastically rich northern childhoods, laced with food and fun, but of course, with some tragedy too.

But we also get to know the early Bikers - we find out how their friendship developed and all of the mad capers and round-the-world trips they went on.

Perfect for their fans, heavily seasoned with warmth, food, love, bikes and bro-mance, the Hairies never fail to entertain!

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