The Hairy Bikers Blood, Sweat and Tyres

This is the book that every Hairy Biker fan has been waiting for. Full to the brim with tasty morsels and colourful stories, this genuinely intimate memoir will move, entertain and delight in equal measure.

The Hairy Bikers Blood, Sweat and Tyres

The Autobiography

Si King and Dave Myers, AKA the Hairy Bikers have travelled an interesting road. Born in the north of England, both Si and Dave had their childhood challenges. For Si, being bullied as the fat kid in class was part of his daily school routine. For Dave, his life changed when he became a childhood carer for his mother. But through the challenges of their early years came a love of really good food.

And it was food that brought Si and Dave together. Their eyes met over a curry and a pint on the set of a Catherine Cooksoon drama, and they knew they would be firm and fast friends for life.

From deserts to desserts, potholes to pot roasts, the nation's favourite cooking due reveal what's made their friendship such a special and lasting one. They've eaten their way around the world a good few times, but have never lost sight of what matters: great friends, great family and great food.

In this heartwarming memoir of friendship and hilarious misadventure, Si and Dave take you on the ride of their lives!

You'd expect an autobiography from Hairy Bikers Si King and Dave Myers to provide some behind-the-scenes insights into the world of telly. That's happily the case, but the pair can offer more showbiz tales than most: before they bagged their own BBC2 travelogue, Myers worked in prosthetics, while King was a locations manager. From the story of shepherding a baboon through Durham Cathedral to a close encounter with a topless Catherine Zeta-Jones, it's all included - alongside their most memorable meals - in Blood, Sweat & Tyres, which is both mouthwatering and moving.

Hannah Shaddock - Radio Times

Their admirable determination to overcome adversity and live life to the full makes Blood, Sweat & Tyres an endearing and thoughtful coming-of-age story about two of Britain's most-loved personalities. Dave and Si are undoubtedly two of the most interesting, engaging, and likable characters you will read about this Christmas.


The brilliant new book from Britain's favourite foodie double act.

The Mail on Sunday

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