Asian Adventure: South Korea

​This week the bikers are in South Korea for the final leg of their Asian Adventure.

Asian Adventure: South Korea

The boys start off in the the Hongdae district in the capital city, Seoul.

Hongdae is a hip area packed with bars and restaurants, and here Si and Dave get stuck in a popular Korean barbecue.
They then head off for the Korean take on an American classic; fried chicken. ‘Absolutely stunning stuff,’ says Dave, ‘it’s not greasey, it can’t be unhealthy, anything that good can’t be bad for you…’

Si and Dave are invited to cook for K pop singer Jessica H.o. Korean pop is a massive music phenomena and, after busting out a few Gangnam style moves, the boys cook up a Fiery octopus dish.

At a market in central Seoul the bikers try a mung bean pancake and other Korean culinary favourites.

Later Si learns he is a master of the bow and arrow as the boys try Korea’s national sport of archery, and the boys take a foray into the future of cookery as they meet Ciros, a robotic kitchen assistant.

The bikers visit a Korean family to learn how to make traditional kimchi, or fermented cabbage, before ending their adventure at the Korean seaside.

Cook up a Korean storm in your kitchen with the Fiery Octopus and Ribbon Beef tartare recipes from this week’s episode.