The Hairy Bikers' Asian Adventure



In their most adventurous road trip yet, the Hairy Bikers tour the birthplaces of favourite Asian cuisines.

In their most adventurous, far-flung road trip yet, the Hairy Bikers are touring the birthplaces of our favourite Asian cuisines – the food we Brits know from our local takeaways and high street restaurants.

As they travel, the Bikers are immersed in the lives of the colourful characters they meet in Asia’s diverse cultures. With incredible access to hidden worlds – from a sumo wrestling stable in Japan to a hill tribe in remote Northern Thailand – the Bikers will uncover the food secrets of these countries and get under the skin of the local way of life.

They’ll live, cook, eat and party with the locals – from Tuk Tuk drivers in Bangkok to monks in Kyoto.
Throughout the series, the Hairy Bikers will taste their way through the incredible flavours and ingredients each place has to offer – finding authentic versions of the dishes we know and love back home, as well as discovering exciting new dishes we don’t – yet!

They’ll be demonstrating mouth-watering, local recipes in their own, inimitable style – dishes we’ll want to cook at home.

And they’ll bike through some of the most spectacular scenery and cityscapes that Asia has to offer, from the world-famous biking roads in the jungles of North Thailand, to Hong Kong’s jaw-dropping skyline.

The Hairy Bikers' Asian Adventure starts Thursday, 13th February at 20:00 on BBC Two.

The accompanying book The Hairy Bikers' Asian Adventure is now also available to buy.

Aired on: BBC Two


  1. Hong Kong
  2. Bangkok
  3. Thailand
  4. Tokyo
  5. Mount Fuji, Kyoto, Kobe
  6. South Korea

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  • Great show guys - loved the ride out with the guys of ET Custom Cycles at the end - superb!

  • Keith Floyd would be absolutely proud of you guys. You've taken his presentations into the 21st Century!! Wife and I love the humour the genuine people you meet on you Asian Adventure and of course the food! Next stop for you guys Guernsey Uk!!!!!!!!!

  • Just discovered the show today. I loved the Thailand episode.

  • Would love to know where the restaurant in Bangkok with the green curry is - I live in Thailand and I'd like to visit!

  • hi loved Thailand cooking where and what is the name of elephant place that they visited and rode the elephants Please

  • hi can you tell me where elephant manout place is in the program

  • Having just returned from a trip to Thailand - the food is just mind blowing! Bangkok is amazing. As you say you never will get a bad meal in this country and the night markets are just stunning. Anyone who is a foodie must go to Thailand. It's a must. Really enjoying the delights of Asia, if only it was a longer series.

  • Great series, really loving it. Brave blokes to strip off for and do sumo wrestling ! I celebrated a wonderful Xmas/New Year in Thailand 2012/13. Since returning watched a few programmes on Asia but nothing as good as this.
    I really want to go back, so much to see and discover.
    Thanks Dave and Si, must have been a hard job ?! Much easier than Strictly !!!
    You are a great down to earth pair.
    Keep up the good work.

  • Really enjoying this series, love all the food and locations. You are very brave to strip off and take part in sumo wrestling !
    I celebrated a wonderful Xmas/New Year 2012/13 in Thailand. Since then watched a few programmes on Asia but none as good as yours. Well done Dave and Si, a hard job, much easier on Strictly ?!!
    You are a great down to earth pair.
    Keep up the good work.

  • Well done Dave and Si.

    The show is just Luuvly!

    Could you please put the recipe for "okonomiyaki" on the website?


    Keep on bikin' :)

  • What was the name of the restaurant in Bangkok - Antydan? How is it spelt? Would love to find it this August when visit.

  • Guys all that way and no visit to Penang! OMG you need Hokken mee and nasi kandar ....ok ok you will put on a few Lb.
    loving the series pity it makes me want to get back to Malaysia every week.

  • So when's this series being released on blu-ray? Honestly, to series was visually beautiful, fascinating and fun, best thing I've seen in ages. I missed most of the first episode though and was disappointed not to find a repeat showing, as the Beeb seems to repeat everything else umpteen times. Maybe for the near future?

    I've been obsessed with Japan and even wider Asia for some time, and this series was medicine for the soul. Great work by all involved. どうも有難うございました!

  • Recently saw the series and was quite taken with the red and white Hondas ridden in Japan. I'd love to know what model they were. Congratulations on a great series. When are you coming to Australia? If you need a guide let me know!!!

  • Love your work allnthe best lads keep up the great work

  • Hi great show love this kind of cooking but love the music that follows it but does any body know who was singen the song 'one night in Bangkok tune any help would be grate

  • Hello,

    I I would like to congratulate you on this program, it was a joy to watch!
    I would like to suggest a new series were you travel around Brazil.

    Brazil has a immensity of different cuisines, influenced by many different cultures. Some highlights are our typical black bean stew (Feijoada), our barbecues (churrasco), deep fried chicken dumplings (coxinha), many typical amazonian dishes including the famous, Tacacá, which gives you mouth a nice tingle. North-eastern sea food, including delicious crabs, deep-fried bean dumplings (acaraje), prawn and okra stew (caruru) etc...
    Not to mention the enormous variety of unusual fruit and vegetables.

    As you can notice, I am very passionate about brazilian cuisine and would be very excited to see you guys on a Brazilian adventure and pretend i'm there too! :)


  • Dear hairy bikers.

    I live in a small city in the netherlands.
    Since a couple of years(about 6-8) i'm a fan of the british cooking shows. I really like saturday live and you two. We only got bbc1 and bbc2 on television in the netherlands.
    Of course it was also great to see you make bolussen in the netherlands.

    I'm a born korean and i was really positive suprised of your visit so south korea.
    I think you made the country look good and it's nice to hear you had a warm welcome and a nice time.
    I tried to show my friends the episode. Since you guys are the first ones to make a nice cooking show about the country and show how koreans are. The episode gives a nice idea about the country. It shows exactly the essence of korean eating and so the style of korean living and respecting all other living things. A lot of dutch people just can't understand the korean way of respecting one another.
    I would like to show them your episode, but since i'm outside the uk I can't download or even watch the episode.
    I already tried some proxyservers, but the bbc nicely took them out.
    So is there any (other) way to show my friends your culinaire trip in my favourite country? Is the serie for sale?
    During the episode you made me feel proud and homesick. Thank you for showing that much in a really respectfull way!
    I myself have been working as a cook for 3 years. And i do know some korean cooking.
    So if you want some korean recipies, you can mail me anytime. but i think there should enough koreans in england to ask.

    Thanks for al the fun watching your shows.
    Cheers and please keep it going!
    A dutch/korean fan Jin

  • Dear Hairy Bikers
    We are new to your shows and have just watched the re run of Bakeation...which we thoroughly enjoyed...our only concern is there is not any mention of which shelf in the oven e.g. : top, middle or lower to cook or bake the recipe's. We are baking the bacon scones tomorrow mmmm so I really hope we do not have another disaster. Love ya both xx

  • Dear Hairy Bikers, we love to watch the whole series again on your Asia Tour and wonder where we can buy your whole series on a DVDs or whatever form the series come in and at what costs ?


  • Hey, I've just discovered you guys and I'm totally impressed! I've never seen a cooking show, or a travel show for that matter, that transmitted so much warmth and respect for the people and cultures being visited. Really lovely. Oh yes - and the recipes are fantastic! Many thanks to all involved!

  • Loved the Thai episode. But, if anyone want to sample some of Thailand's best, you should have referred to "Auntie Daeng's" as it's real name, "Krua Apsorn". There are 4 branches. Although all are exceptional, you picked the best, on Samsen Road.

  • Great series and really wish they would do a part II... So many other countries they could do that have communities growing within the UK whose food Rarely gets shown. OK, I'm biased and I am thinking of the Philippines, but what about Indonesia and Malaysia to name but 2 others...

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