The Hairy Bikers Home For Christmas

The Hairy Bikers create mouthwatering festive dishes and get into the spirit of the season with some of the nation’s favourite celebrities.

The Hairy Bikers Home For Christmas

Being home for Christmas is a wonderful time to celebrate with friends, family and food. Whether on the Big Day itself, leftover inspiration for those in-between days or in the New Year, when viewers still want to indulge and keep the party going, Si and Dave have the perfect solution for every occasion.

It’s time to switch on the Christmas lights, light the fire, nestle down and join the Hairy Bikers Home for Christmas. 

In the first episode of this new series, the Hairy Bikers create the perfect alternative dishes to break with tradition as they find out how Aled Jones spends his Christmas: an Austrian Linzertorte, roast goose with all the trimmings, and a hazelnut chocolate brownie with clementine sorbet.

Alongside the recipes and fun there are also fantastic ideas for homemade edible Christmas presents!

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