Hairy Bikers’ Mississippi Adventure

Roll on up for a big helping of lip-smacking soul food! The Hairy Bikers rev up their motorbikes and hit the American Deep South to discover the best corn dogs, fried chicken and mud pie on the planet.

Hairy Bikers’ Mississippi Adventure

Each episode of the Hairy Bikers’ Mississippi Adventure will be themed by a different Southern music genre – Jazz, Blues, Cajun, Country, Soul and Rock and Roll – and accompanied by the locations and food stories that help to define them.

The Hairy Bikers said: “We are over excited - to say the least - about our trip to Mississippi: the mix of music, food and motorcycles goes back to the roots and soul of the Hairy Bikers. The series promises to be a journey of discovery into the culture of food and music of the deep South. We visit New Orleans for Blues and Tamales, Memphis for a Soul Stew and Fried Chicken, Nashville for Country and Western, Pulled Pork and Slaw and Lafayette for Cajun and Shrimp Creole. Living the true spirit of an American road movie, we set out on Harley Davidsons to cover more than three thousand miles of American Tarmac. It feels good to be on the road again. Get your helmets and come along for the ride.”

To accompany the series there will be a brand new smart phone App, which will include an exclusive interactive map, as well as details about the dishes, recipes, flavours and tips from characters that the boys meet along the way.

Watch clips and recipes from this series on the official Mississippi Adventure website.


  1. Soul
  2. Blues
  3. Rock and Roll
  4. Cajun
  5. Jazz
  6. Country
Hairy Bikers’ Mississippi Adventure