Eat to Beat Type 2 Diabetes

80 delicious & filling recipes to get your health back on track

Eat to Beat Type 2 Diabetes

‘The Hairy Bikers continue their mission to bring sunshine and variety to the notion of ‘diet’. People need to eat food. People with type 2 diabetes also need to eat food. In this book Si and Dave apply their magic to square health needs with varied, enjoyable eating. If you are looking for new and interesting ways to eat, then this book is for you.’

Professor Roy Taylor, bestselling author of Life Without Diabetes.

With their uplifting, relaxed, and inspiring approach to improving our health through food, the Hairy Bikers return with another fantastic cookbook. Filled with 80 mouth-watering recipes, The Hairy Bikers Eat to Beat Type 2 Diabetes celebrates varied, interesting, and fun ways to create delicious meals that will be good for both your blood sugar and your taste buds.


In this smaller-format black-and-white paperback, first of a new healthy eating series, the Hairy Bikers prove that you can still eat your favourite foods while staying healthy and losing weight.

With their delicious, low-cal versions of traditional classics and family favourites, the Bikers take the deprivation out of restrictive diets and are here to help you shift the pounds.This book is full of information to digest and dieting hits to enjoy.

The Bikers also share their own personal stories of their battles against type 2 diabetes, and hope to inspire readers as they start their own weight loss journey.

Whether you’ve been struggling with type 2 diabetes for years or have recently been diagnosed, there’s no better time to take action and make a change.


The bestselling, big-hearted and down-to-earth chefs, The Hairy Bikers, return with 80 of their very best Dieter recipes. Contains previously published recipes – brought together in a collection that’s designed to help tackle type 2 diabetes for the first time.

Sunday Times


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