Ep 73: Sticky Sheets, Sticky Pans & Bikes

Uncle Dave and Uncle Si solve several sticky scenarios!

Ever been in a sticky situation? Well, Uncle Si & Uncle Dave certainly have been and that's why they're uniquely able to help you un-stick yours. Well, that is unless it's a Sticky Pan that has been rather cheekily used for a purpose other than its intended one. Or perhaps the Sticky Sheets, I mean how often do you change yours? Then there's a Bit Of Bike Bother to sort out and how about the Edible Man....now there's a recipe!!

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Photograph of Si King and Dave Myers aka The Hairy Bikers with arms folded

In this week's episode, Deborah and her husband Paul wrote to Uncle Si & Uncle Dave having recently bought a Hairy Bikers stock pot from Tesco.

To her horror, Paul had used her new pot to boil his motorbike chain clean, leaving behind a sticky mess.

Paul wanted a tip on how to clean it. Uncles Si & Dave had a couple of suggestions, but you will need to listen to the podcast to learn more...

Meanwhile, however, and putting the pot to its intended use, why not try the Chicken Casserole and Potato Cobbler recipe from the Hairy Bikers Chicken & Egg cookery book?

We have also included a link to our enamelled 5-piece cast iron pan set, currently on sale for £99.99, including FREE UK delivery.

Ep 73: Sticky Sheets, Sticky Pans & Bikes

Chicken Casserole and Potato Cobbler

Ep 73: Sticky Sheets, Sticky Pans & Bikes

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