Ep 69: Sixties Sex, Sticky Pie & Dating

Uncle Si & Uncle Dave cope with Kama Sutra Crisis & Friend Fails

It's a known thing that sharing your troubles makes them less of a thing.

It's certainly known to Uncle Si & Uncle Dave The Agony Uncles as they take off their Hairy Biker helmets and help with your hassles, ably assisted by Posh Tash & The Thin White Duke.

In this episode, marvel as they deal with Sticky Splodge Dough and Disappearing Friends. Then there's the lady Addicted to dating as well as a rather unpleasant issue with The Kama Sutra, which can present challenges to the slightly older person.

All in all, they help rather than hinder so join in. Email AgonyUncles@TheHairyBikers.co.uk.

Its satisfaction guaranteed.

In this week's episode, Kate wrote to the Agony Uncles studio about a dilemma she had with her sticky dough when trying to make Curly Pie after watching the Eastern Europe episode 4 from the Hairy Bikers Bakeaction series. Uncle Si came to the rescue with a suggestion that Kate should try wetting her hands...

You can follow the recipe for Curly Pie from the recipe found on this website at the following link

Ep 69: Sixties Sex, Sticky Pie & Dating

Curly Pie

To watch the YouTube video with the Hairy Bikers making Curly Pie, just click on the arrow below.

Ep 69: Sixties Sex, Sticky Pie & Dating

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