Ep 64: Martini Sex, Doggy Boo Boo & Messy Partners

Uncle Si & Uncle Dave help out with bad dog names, rampant partners and oranges!

Is there no end to The Hairy Bikers talents? Well, yes, there probably is but we haven't found the end of it yet as they continue to solve the nations troubles.

Like the trouble with Oranges!, tricky little fellows!!

Or the bother Naming Dogs can bring........or those Messy Partners you're always tidying up after!

Then, when there's Martini Sex involved, well.....things might get steamy.

Send in your worries and woes to AgonyUncles@TheHairyBikers.co.uk and let them help you too.

Ep 64: Martini Sex, Doggy Boo Boo & Messy Partners

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Si King and Dave Myers having won the Fortnum & Mason Personality of the Year for the 2nd year running would like to express their sincere thanks to all their loyal fans for voting for them.

In this week's Podcast, Tash (not posh) one of our listeners wrote in regarding a problem she has with peeling an orange as she was finding it hard and needed the secret.

Both Si and Dave went on to discuss in detail their best way to peel an orange.

If you fancy trying something that's quick and easy to bake with only 239 calories a slice, take a look at our recipe for Moist carrot and sultana cake taken from their cookery book 'The Hairy Dieters'.

Ep 64: Martini Sex, Doggy Boo Boo & Messy Partners

Photographer: Andrew Hayes-Watkins