The Hairy Bikers Go Local

Si King & Dave Myers are back on the Box!

The Hairy Bikers Go Local

The Hairy Bikers made a return to our TV screens on 3rd January 2023 with a new 8-part series. You can watch it again on the BBC i-Player service in case you missed it, or just want to see the Hairy Bikers in action again.

The Hairy Bikers Go Local will see our much-loved duo of Si King and Dave Myers visiting some of the top restaurants in the UK and introducing them to local suppliers.


  1. South Wales - 3rd January
  2. Glasgow - 4th January
  3. Cotswolds - 5th January
  4. Fife - 6th January
  5. Norfolk - 10th January
  6. Bradford - 11th January
  7. West Wales - 12th January
  8. Hexham - 13th January