Hairy Bikers Kitchenware

The brand new Hairy Bikers Kitchenware website is officially live!

Hello everybody! Dave & I are incredibly pleased to announce that guess what...we have the launch of a brand new website where you can shop everything Hairy Bikers!

You can now shop for all things Hairy Bikers Kitchenware, from pots & pans to stoneware to cookware...everything to do with the kitchen - you can even buy our books! And not only that, you get free delivery, what’s not to love?!

To find this treasure trove of fabulous goodies go to

As a special launch offer, we are also offering an exclusive 10% discount on all orders placed before 28th February 2021! Simply enter the code BIKERS10 at the checkout!

Hairy Bikers Kitchenware