The Hairy Builder with Dave Myers comes to BBC Two

The Hairy Builder series, starring Hairy Biker’s Dave Myers, starts on Monday 11 July.

The Hairy Builder with Dave Myers comes to BBC Two

Dave Myers is going to unlock the historical secrets contained in some of Britain’s oldest, most prestigious and architecturally complex large buildings.

With unique access to a team of specialist historical builders from Britain’s oldest masonry company, Dave joins them as an apprentice in quite literally peeling back the layers - floors, ceilings, walls, windows and doors - of some of our most important stately homes, cathedrals and listed buildings, in a quest to investigate the dramas and secrets hidden inside their architectural DNA.

The conservation projects will all be at different stages of work, but whatever the stage, Dave will learn skills with the builders on site and consult with local experts to expose secret stories that even the professional tour guides don’t know about.

Dave will go a step further. Whilst the ongoing conservation work takes place he will also investigate the myriad of stories connected to these amazing buildings: the landscape and local geography, the people who built, lived and worked in them and what they did.

'This is a fantastic opportunity for me to learn some new hands-on skills and unravel the mysteries of some of the greatest buildings in the country’s heritage,' says Dave. 'I am very excited and proud to be part of it.