Northern Exposure: Finland

​The Bikers fall immediately in love with the beautiful and tranquil lakes of Finland and enjoy what they think will be a complete change of pace from the intensity of St Petersburg.

Northern Exposure: Finland

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Episode 4 of 6

Dave learns how to have a traditional Finnish sauna experience, while Si makes himself feel right at home cooking up Finnish pastries. The peace and tranquillity doesn't last long, though, as the Bikers learn all about the national pastime of wife-carrying, fulfil their boyhood fantasies of riding tanks through the forest and meet a priest who has given his service a heavy metal twist!

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To cap it off, the Bikers see how island communities in the middle of the Baltic help each other survive and arrange their own food festival complete with food carts and local bands. Have they bitten off more than they can chew?

Tune in to see how the boys get on, Tuesday 22nd September on BBC Two.

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