Asian Adventure: Hong Kong

​The boys are off on an Asian Adventure, starting last night with Hong Kong – or “Canary Wharf with chopsticks” according to Dave!

Asian Adventure: Hong Kong

The boys start off visiting some of the famous street-food stalls, rustling up their seafood stir fry in black bean sauce to impress the local chefs!

Next up, Dave and Si visited the Fungs, a typical Chinese family, to see how they ate at home. Grandma Lou Lou rustled up a storm, cooking an incredible array of stir fry’s for a family of six in a kitchen the size of a broom cupboard. Go Grandma Lou Lou!

As well as street food, Si and Dave learned the art of preparing dim sum dumplings with the help of a chef who had been making them for 40 years. The result? “If Penelope Cruz was a dumpling, then that would be Penelope,” says Dave.
Pretty good, then!

Hong Kong still bears remnants of its colonial past – with a local greasy spoon café serving up a fried egg, peanut butter and syrup sandwich – “the sort of food that killed Elvis” - We’re with you on that one, Dave!

Tune in to next week’s episode on Thursday 20th February, 8.30pm on BBC One, when the boys will be in Thailand.

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