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Si King and Dave Myers have made their name cooking real food for real people. But with the country still in the throes of recession, we are all feeling the pinch on our food bills. Undaunted, the Hairies have risen to the challenge of creating mouth-watering dishes that feel like a treat without breaking the bank.

When recession bites, our eating habits change. Typically, we decide to eat out less but indulge ourselves more at home. In their new series, the Hairy Bikers embrace our desire to spoil ourselves by teaching us how to cook gourmet food on a budget, bringing affordable luxury to our home cooking. There are foodie family feasts, delicious dinner party dishes and luxurious lunches on the menu. Importantly, though, everything the Bikers cook will feel like a treat but won't break the bank.

During the series the Bikers cook up some budget-busting delights in the home, garden and on the road, uncover frugal lessons from history, learn money-saving tricks from the restaurant trade, discover a wealth of gourmet but affordable feasts from multi-cultural Britain and share their own wealth of thrifty tips. At the end of each episode they will use everything they have learned to throw a surprise gourmet feast of a life-time for some very deserving people.

Aired on: BBC 2

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  • I am looking forward to seeing the new program hopefully we will get it soon in Australia

  • cant wait

  • another fab series from my favourite culinary bikers :) guys you never disappoint

  • Absolutely brill show nicer food to serve friends and family.

  • I can't believe that with all the diverse and variety of beers in this country you allowed your expert to choose a Check lager and 2 American beers which from my experience are not a patch on English beers

  • Enjoyed first episode might try Thai curry paste recipe

  • Enjoyed first episode might try Thai curry sauce recipe

  • Where was the pub where the food/beer pairing was done in Episode 1?

  • a brilliant start to another excellent series keep them coming guys. Hope the recipes will be available soon. Buy the way, still looking slim. Well done.

  • We thoroughly enjoyed your new programme everyday gourmet, but we were very dissapointed when the beer expert who matched the food with beer chose three foreign beers. Surely when there are over 1,000 national, regional and micro breweries in the UK he could have been a bit more patriotic. If the hairy bikers ever visit Dorset, I can recommend at least three beers that would have been just as good if not better. I say support British breweries while we still have some.

  • Hi there
    Where can I get the recipes featured on your everyday gourmets?

    Hope to hear from you soon..

    • I can I buy this everyday gourmets cook book ?

  • Great first show.Will be trying out some of those dishes in the near future.

  • Where are all those lovely specialist suppliers/shops visited during the shows? We want the same quality (and cheap) ingredients too.

  • Is there a book to follow with this series? I do hope so! Also as above where can I find these specailist shops, are they online?

  • I would love the recipe for the curry that you made and put in a jar and also froze. I would like to make in bulk but it was not easy following ingredients and quantities. Any chance of posting on line please.

  • Hi my mum watched one of your shows recently and you had a stuffed shoulder of lamb recipe, however I cant find it on your website and wondered if you would be putting on your website in the future?



    • Try looking on and following the links to the HB's recipes.

    • You can find the recipes for the series on BBC Food

  • Fantastic show , love all the hints & tips that add explosive tastes to everyday meals turning them into gourmet delights. Thank you.

  • Hi

    Will there be a book to accompany the series?


  • Love the show, full of really interesting snippets of history, life stories etc. Would be great if the website listed the names of the suppliers and pubs/ restaurants featured. And when / where can we see the recipes? I would love to get going with them!

  • Also love the new series and would like to know whose lovely kitchen is used when Si and Dave cooked that lovely party piece with the beehive topping.

  • Your new show is brill is the book comeing out to follow the show. Everyday gourmet?? I went to the Asian shop OU went to in Liverpool. Chung wah. Thank you to you guys I now go there every other week for my ingredience.s. so cheap. I need your gourmet book so bad guy xxx

  • When's your book out to company the show everyday gourmet??? Please help xx

  • Couldn't wait to try the crab and prawn gyoza..... Deeeeeeeelicious! Definitely going to be doing lots more of those in the future. Will try putting the dough through the pasta-maker next time to see if I can get it a bit thinner as it was very elastic.

  • Couldn't wait to try the crab and prawn gyoza..... Deeeeeeeelicious! Definitely going to be doing lots more of those in the future. Will try putting the dough through the pasta-maker next time to see if I can get it a bit thinner as it was very elastic.

  • Where was that wonderful spice shop they visited on last week's show?? It was one of the B's - Bradford, Bolton, Burnley? Can anyone remember, I've searched the web but without a name I'm not finding it.

  • Can you tell me the make and models of your bikes please. Cheers.

  • Is the a book for this series?

  • Another great program and more great recipes. Non culinary question though.....what was the music payed at the end of tonight' s episode 6/3/13? Great stuff!!

  • The series is fab. Is there a book planned to go with the tv series?

  • Will there be a book to accompany this series?

  • I would like to visit the shop you got your spices from, I believe its in Blackburn - where please? Love the show in Carlisle

    • The address is:-
      Weigh to save
      Urban Plaza
      241 Whalley Range
      BB1 6NN

      • Thank you so much for that Judith - shall pay a visit to them very soon :)

  • I have just made the Gourmet Pork Pie. Can this be frozen?

  • what is the name / address of the spice supermarket in Blackburn

  • we are only just seeing this new series here in Australia. as usual its wonderful, do admit half the joy is seeing what the boys are riding....

  • i think I saw you at Lyndhurst today? I hope I am right?

  • Hey, I'm watching the show on repeat as and when u can. Brilliant! You two are fab, well done on the weight loss. How do I put someone forward for a surprise meal?

  • Who picks backing tracks for series.Must be old northern soul fan.

  • When is the book 'THE HAIRY BIKERS EVERYDAY GOURMETS'. going to be released?

  • Whereabouts in the Ribble Valley were they tonight (27th Sep)?

  • I love every programme you do, but cannot eat cream or a lot of fat or butter, any chance of changing some of the wonderful meals to incorporate the above?

  • Hi, I have enjoyed the programmes, but is there a cook book for the series i would love to buy it and try out the recipes please ?

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