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Great family food is much more than simple sustenance. It provides comfort, both physical and emotional. In this episode, which celebrates that dual role, the Hairy Bikers meet three great home cooks with a diverse range of recipes.

Dee's family is from Denby Dale, famous for its giant pies. She cooks up a meat and potato pie using a recipe handed over for the very first time from her father, who's well known for his perfect pies.

Anjie lives in Blackpool. Like her mother, Anjie loves to cook a curry. She finds comfort in using a home-made cookbook entitled Hug from Mum. It was compiled by her mother shortly before she died.

The third family live in the Calderdale Valley. Ruth and her mother Ann come from several generations of farmers. As well as a comforting ginger sponge and custard, they show Si and Dave their unusual 'dock pudding', made with leaves foraged from the pastures and traditionally eaten to celebrate the end of lambing.

En route, Si and Dave rustle up some food that they find comforting - creamy tomato soup with rouille, home-made fish fingers, a rich oxtail stew and a classic steamed syrup pudding.

The travelling over, it is the day of the Mums Know Best recipe fair where foodie folk come together to swap recipes and talk about the stories behind them. The three 'star mums' share their recipes with an eager public while volunteers take part in a culinary skills challenge. This time, Gerard Baker shows how to make a hand-raised pie. The day ends with the Mums Know Best banquet, an eclectic meal featuring all the dishes from their journe

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  2. A Taste of Home
  3. Alfresco
  4. Lazy Weekends
  5. Distant Shores recipes
  6. High Tea
  7. Posh Food
  8. Family Classics

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  • Love all their show.

  • I want the recipe for the Ginger Sponge!! NOT the Dock pudding!!

    • enjoy watching, now must do.

    • A Great cake

  • Please, where may I find the recipe for cooking the ham hock shown on todays show when they made the picalilli

    • looked good

    • I can't find that recipe, but here's the hot mustard pickle that goes with it!

    • Cannot find it myself, but from memory they rubbed the three ham hocks all over with olive oil, then seasoned with salt and pepper, then cooked them for 1 1/2 hours at 180 C. I am trying it tonight so hope its right

  • Hi guys. I love your show and every time I watch it I find myself wishing you would bring the show to N.Z. I am from Christchurch and I know you would have a great time if you came. Pleeeaaassse!

    • I am in Wellington, New Zealand and I think you are overdue for a trip down under. I could show you my mum's neenish tarts!

  • Last nights show (4 Jan 2012) as seen in NZ.
    Where can I find Victoria's Chocolate Mousse receipe please ?

  • I really enjoy your show and the recipe fairs are fantastic. Keep it coming.
    I was impressed by the orange cake made with semolina. I have made it 3 times and it has been very well received.

  • I've really enjoyed the show yesterday on german television. That will change my mind about english cooking.

  • wonderful cooks you two!

  • BRING THE SHOW TO SWEDEN!!! I am trying to find the recipe for pan haggerty and rice pudding to make for dinner, it got me real excited to see.

  • where can I buy Hairy Bikers potato crisps,i resently tried them and they are gorgeous.

  • Any chance of another series. Would love to take how about coming on over to Exmouth, Devon.

  • Brilliant programme, to which I can relate. Northern lass and I was born during 2nd World War - main toffee was treacle. After life as farmer's wife, became DS/HE teacher in 1970's- made Durham cutlets and of course Victoria sandwhich. Lived in France for 20 years - great food, but stuck in past. Hope to see more of your programmes - yes have Sky so watch UK TV

  • Where is the recipe for sticky date cake as shown in the show this evening (19/6/12

    • Your programmes are great and I would love to taste your sticky date cake. Please send me the recipe.

    • I searched for this recipe without success.

  • where can i find ur recipe for grandmothers bovarin love sponge.
    also windfall marmalade,


  • i was looking for the recipe for sticky date cake as was on the show 19.06.12 hope u can help me plz love the show.

  • where can i find recipe for scottish rumpy pumpy soup please

  • My mother, a lancashire lass, passed away when I was young and I have been trying for years to reproduce of one the cakes she made us without success. I saw the show yesterday and there was 'the' cake SAD CAKE. I would love the recipe.

  • Recipe for the bacalao and chips?

    • Check out BBCs Hairy Bikers pages - links to recipes on iPlayer Mums Know Best series 1 page

  • Where can I get a recipe for wild garlic sauce ? And what is the best way to cook /pickle sanfire?

  • Just cooked pan haggarty for tea. It was lovely, family ate it all. Good cheap filling family meal. Saw Si cook it last night and so tried it.

  • Where can I find the recipe for the fish and chip bake on yesterdays show looked amazing

  • Fantastic food, but what was the music at the end of the show? I'm going nuts trying to remember.

  • Your programm is facinating I just love it, I would like to have the recipe for 'sticky date cake' please.

  • Sticky date cake recipe is here:

  • i am looking for the basic indian reciepe you showed on the 20 -06-12

  • Are you going to do a series 3 on Mums know best? And are you going to come down to sunny Devon? We get forgotten down here!!

  • I happenn to watch your show and fell in love with this recipe which I can't seem to find on the was by the lake and u made this chicken and fish thing with butter and preserved it in butter too....

  • where can i find the cheese and spud pie

  • I would love to share some of my recipes and join in but do you come up to Penrith Cumbria??

    Samantha :0)

  • I love hairy bikers,I've missed mind know best. Will it be coming back on tv?

  • please can i have the reciepe for the ginger sponge please

  • morning all

    i too wanted to cook ginger sponge but couldnt find the rec - if you go to bbc website look for hb mkb you will find it there you do need abode to download but i have added it below for all, going to cook it now I will let you know how it tastes :)

    250g self raising flour
    2 level tsp ground ginger
    ½ tsp ground cinnamon
    1 level tsp bicarbonate of soda
    1 pinch of salt
    200g golden syrup
    2 tsp syrup from stem ginger jar
    125g butter
    55g stem ginger finely chopped
    2 heaped tbsp sultanas
    125g dark Muscavado sugar
    2 large eggs
    240 ml milk

    • cant find it, do you have method please

  • please could you tell me where to find the recipe for chocolate crunch that was on the first programme of series two (15/10/12)

  • Hi, would love the recipe for the curries potatoes and all the side dishes that were on the program last night. Looks delicious. Where can I get these recipes.

  • love all the shows would love the recipie for gypsy tart boun in kent and had it as a child living up north now and no-one has heard of it

  • Would like the recipe for the bara brith can't find it on here thanks

    • Go on the BBC food website - its on there

    • Go on the BBC food website it's on there

  • you just might like my commonwealth fruit loaf.i adapted it as my tribute to her maj!

  • where can i get the grapefuit and apple marmarlade to make from your show please

  • I trained as a chef but my mum is an incredible cook and has a large number of brilliant recipes that I would to bring to a Mums Know Best event. Please say you will do another series.

  • I love your show. Some recipes I cook for. Thank you.

  • I saw a rerun of hairy bikers mums know best. A lady brought in a pie/ tart/flan. Can't quite remember the name, either amazing or impossible or can't believe it, tart. She said she mixes everything together, then bakes it. When served she ends up with a crust base, custard/ cream middle and crisp top, think possibly coconut. Anyone got the recipe? PLEASE! X

    • I would also like that recipe. Did you find it and where??

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