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The Hairy Bikers front a campaign to save Meals on Wheels. In support, BBC Learning will encourage audiences to volunteer to help older people.

The Hairy Bikers made their name cooking real food for real people. Now they are riding to the rescue of one of our great national culinary treasures - Meals on Wheels.

At its height this iconic institution delivered more than 34 million meals to the elderly and infirm, but over the last eight years the number of Meals on Wheels delivered nationwide has plummeted by over a third.

For Dave Myers and Si King saving Meals on Wheels is personal: from the age of eight Dave cooked for his poorly mum and Si rallied round to help feed his mother when she fell ill. It taught them the importance of good food in caring for people in need. Spurred on by these early experiences the Bikers' mission takes them on a journey across the country, all the way to royalty.

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  • Great cause. Enjoyed the programmes and the momentum you have brought to the meals-on-wheels institution.

    Have you researched what other countries are doing?... see for example. You may be able to get some international collaboration as well as a great topic for another show(s).

    Well done.

  • Great inspiring series. I am however struggling to find a non profit Meals on Wheels service in the North of Bristol. Anyone know of one?

    • You are right Aref5, great show, however, I am also looking for one in North Bristol. Will be very grateful if someone could let me know.
      Kind regards

  • Really enjoyed the series.

    One thought my mum suggested was making a cook book of the meals on wheels recipes people have provided, e.g. the Duchess of Cornwall's fish pie, to sell. Any profit could be put into a central pot to help people set up a meals on wheels service in their area.


    • Great idea. I would buy it for gifts.

  • i cook for my mum every day and though thing you transported the food in was great, it would be very usefull to me but cant remember what it was called please could you let me know and where i would be able to buy one and what its called thanks

    • Do you mean tiffin tins?

      • If it's tiffin tins you are after, I found this lot do one in a good size -

        Great show guys and looking forward to the next series in March

  • Where can I volunteer please.

    • I was also wondering this. I tried the link that was on the BBc website but it seems to have been deleted. Can you help - Thanks

      • I would like to volunteer please

  • Wow! Thank you. Asked to volunteer for crumbs .org I was to go to a residence operated by Bournmouth Housing Society for the Elderly - an independent living residence. Aim was to serve soup and sandwiches to create some social activity and connection for the residents. There was a brand new kitchen and lounge rarely used - I grabbed the opportunity to use this perfect kitchen and I now run a luncheon club with two super young trainees (Mike & John) from Crumbs and every Wednesday we use the Meals on Wheels recipes and feed up to 30 elderly people. Its been a great success so not only a lovely hot two course meal with proper coffee, mints and tablecloths and flowers but the opportunity for the residents to meet , make friends and plan other social events. They are already planning their Xmas lunch. Your inspiration has transformed this residence. Absolutely transformed the lives of 30 -40 people living in very close proximity but behind their own front doors with little chance to connect with each other. Your delicious recipes give me such confidence knowing they have been so well researched. Thank you so much guys. I just love Wednesdays Pauline xxxxxx

  • After your last series I was motivated to help in my area, but unfortunately nothing like that seems to go on around here :(

  • I love this programme and i would love to find something like this in my local area as i know that the council have or were going to pull the funds for meals on wheels and i worry for all the people who now will not see anyone on a regular basis,i have tried looking on line but have had no luck.Does anyone know of any group already running in the Macclesfield area??

  • still problems in lots of areas

  • The Hairy Bikers are fantastic. And what they are doing is something that will change many lives.
    I wish the Hairy Bikers would come to Denmark and do the same. I've worked for the food service for the elderly and the food they serve isn't as good as a dish made from fresh products. PLEASE COME HELP DENMARK!!!!

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