Best of British

Best of British


The British Isles has an extensive culinary heritage with a wealth of producers and innovative chefs that are flying the flag for Great British cuisine. The Hairy Bikers are back and they're on a mission to prove that British food is the best in the world.

Just about everything we eat has a fascinating history and the Bikers will travel all over the country and delve into the history books and archives as the journey in to the narrative of what we eat.

‘Best of British’ to air in November

The Hairy Bikers ‘Best of British’ will air on Monday November 14th at 3.45 pm on BBC2.

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  • So pleased you are back on t.v.Also when will the Best of British book be on sale,Then I can add it to mum knows best,food tour of Britain and Perfect Pies.Look forword to cook more of your recipes

    • When is the book coming out, watched all the best of british programs on Tv cant wait to get the book to go with this series.

      • Please let me know when the Best of British cookbook will be available.
        Excellent series. Well done again!

      • Please let me know when the book of this series is due out in New Zealand Please

    • yes please when is book and dvd available for best of british

      • Could you let me know if the best of Britain Cook book will be out soon or if I can get a DVD

  • Lovely to see the Hairy's back. Will there be a book to go with the series? I do hope so.

  • am am trying to find recipe for the parsnip and bramley apple soup shown on sunday 20th november 2011 shown but have had no luck

  • Wonderful programme - gorgeous recipes - really interesting history of food and a laugh to boot. Perfect. Just waiting for the book.

  • When will the recipes be on the web site I would like to try the scotch broth. Great show.

  • Loving the best of British series would love to try the moussaka and the Glamorgan sausages (they looked fab) - an chance of the recipes online or better still a book .... Please - thank you

    • Would love the recipe book for the vegetarian dishes by the Hairy Bikers.

  • superb return to top form by the hairies more of the same please.....when a return to the travel/foreign format? Enthusiasm is everything and the hairy ones have it in buckets!

  • Lesa... Try this link for the soup receipe.

  • I'm loving the shows apart from the "arty farty" flashing bits where someone has tried to make it look like we are viewing old films. I watch for the food and the banter not the special effects.

    • we too are loving the shows,but like you the "arty farty"bits give me an headache,which spoils the show for me,i missed the pease pudding couldn get the the makings of it had to leave the room,

  • Great to see you back lads, please tell me there is going to be a book for this series too!

  • Love the series, as usual! Been trying to find the fish pie recipe for individual cheesy mash topped pies aired just this week. You made 6 I think and used 3 types of fish and lots of boiled eggs. Which recipe is it?!

  • Where do you forage saffron from, good show though

  • I'm watching 'Best of British' please, please, please can you tell me if there are any plans to write a book to accompany this amazing, interesting and beautiful programme. Please boys put a very loyal fan out of her misery.

  • This has been a brilliant series, I've loved every episode, informative and fun.

  • Absolutely fabulous series. Have tried many of the recipes already and ALL have been great successes. I am just waiting for the book to go with the series.

  • Love your shows,but can not find recipe for the boned chichen dish which I believe you showed on thr 25 nov. please help

  • The series was just great. please can you tell me when the book is coming out and is it going to be called Best of British.

  • :Love the Hairy Bikers - they're new to us because we've been living abroad! But, where's the recipe for venison cobbler - why doesn't the BBC website give printable versions of all the recipes used?

  • I can't find the Venison Cobbler recipe also - and my mouth is watering! Was there a website mix-up this week?

  • When is the recipe book out? Please I really want it! Thanks

  • where is the venison cobbler recipe? would love to try it.I find the food site not easy to get round.

    • I need venison cobbler recipe

    • 1 would like the beef cobbler recipe pease

      • love the recipe for beef cobbler please email cant' wait to cook it again, i watch and enjoy all your programes

  • Fantastic series and some delicious recipes.

  • Just finished catching up after recording whole series - great programmes, great recipies which I cannot wait to try. Love the Hairy's.

  • Fantastic show but still no venison cobbler recipe. Help, I have bought the venison!!! And invited the family for Christmas eve to enjoy this feast.

  • WHERE IS THAT VENISON RECIPE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Has anyone found the Venison recipe yet? I did get it on screen once and made the cobbler topping but can't find it now.

  • don't miss a show! They are great :). But I can not find the recipe they had in the show about "Vegetarian", using tofu in a sort of pie at a vegetarian cookery school. Can somebody help me?

  • I would love the recipe for the baked cheese cake but can't find it on the net.
    Can anyone please help

  • Help? I'm trying to find recipe for a (last minute chutney). The wife wants it! Probaly very yummy with the old cheese & crackers over the christmas. Well boys! Just got the wife 2 of your cook books. Keep on biking, and cooking. Happy crimbo!

  • Tues 21st december stiltern cheese and peartarts

  • Hairy Bikers did a recipe in Nov/Dec I thought it was a Biriyani all I can remember of it was 2 of the ingredients were saffron and cardiman seeds can anyone help the list of ingredients was huge

  • i realy love your show you both make cooking look so simple

  • Hi,
    when will the Best of British be available on DVD?


  • Does anyone know where I can find a pie server like the one used to serve up the apple pie?

  • Just watching the show, sat giggling to myself at you "jammin" Viennese whirls, everytime i use jam when baking I sing that and everyone thinks im crazy. Just glad its not just me! love the show.

  • Help me, Lads! Can you point me in the right direction for your wonderful baked ham hock on tonight's programme? Great series, great recipes. Particularly enjoyed the one for ectoplasm...

  • Everyone keeps asking for the book - me too!! The piccalilli was a hit - but when will we get the recipe??

  • Hi Si & Dave - Love your Best of British show - BUT had a problem when making Viennese Whiirls!! I found the mixture extremely difficult to pipe (what size nozzle did you use?!) and in the end had to spoon the mixture onto the trays - very messy!! Didnt look like whirls at all : ( !! I don't have the "brute strength" of a hairy biker!

    The biscuits were delicious with buttercream and jam though.

  • Loved the programme on Tuesday 7th Feb.
    Downloaded the piccalli recipe, but where o where is the recipe for the lovely baked ham hock??????

    • i to would like to know when we might be able to see the recipe for the ham hocks

  • I love watching the boys- not for the cooking but for the laugh out load comedy- they have me in stitches !!!

  • I found out about the Best of British series towards the end of its run and was only able to watch the last 2 episodes which were entertaining and fascinating at the same time, any chance that the series will be released on DVD soon?

  • Loved this and all your shows but only got to watch a couple, now bbc iplayer have no hairy bikers series at all? Bastards lol. Gonna keep eye an out for future blu-ray cookbooks those would be cool to own if you make them.

  • Hello!

    Also after the book for this series!! Please could someone let us know when one will become available??



  • I really want the book for this series, there's too many good recipes to write down!

  • had pork belly I made with my dad and the taste was spot on and good and nice OK hairy bikes xxxx love from you best friend Thomas in hanwell OK

  • Could you please send me the recipe for beer batter scampi featured no one of the best of British shows. Thank you

  • Please, please, please bring a book out. The Best of British series is brilliant!!!

  • Would also LOVE the book of this series. Keep us posted when you release one!!

  • I would very much like the venison cobbler recipe. Please.

  • Where oh where is that recipe for that wonderful venison cobbler I saw last week?

  • Are there any plans to publish a book from this series? Fingers crossed!

  • i'm looking for the potato and corn fritters recipe, i love your show in Australia, big fan.

  • saw your stage show last night grand leeds

  • Love the programme especially the section on the history of the food. Enjoy it a lot better without silly side of the hairy biker. Great to see some serious side of them both

  • i prefer the bikers on the road and do their "silly ride" and in (inter)action like meal on wheels or Hairy Dieters, this current rerun on bcc2 seems to be re-edited to a give it a more classic cooking show feel,

  • Hi love your show, when are you going to release best of British DVD? :)

  • please please please help, where can I get the venison cobbler recipe?! I can't find it anywhere!

  • Venison Cobbler recipe. Anyone seen it ?


  • Me and my Hubby have just watched one of their shows - The Hairy BIkers on Tour, which was filmed in a place - something like 'Bridget Wilton,' in Herefordshire, At the end of the show, the guests chose the Hairy Bikers recipe instead of the chefs - James Habone (?) not quite sure of his name nor the name of his pub. Anyway, would like to know if he actually did use the H.B's recipe for his pub menu as he said he would if his wasn't chosen as the winner?

  • Hi i would really like the recipe for kloft ? that the lady made in programme 17 it was beef with marrow bone and rice it looked lovely, i'm not sure i'm spelling it correct so any help would be useful thanks.

  • Were can i buy the book best of british if there is one. Thank you

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