En route the boys feed their bellies and their hearts, meeting everyone from home bakers to Michelin-starred patissiers to learn the secrets of their baking success. They also catch up with friends and relatives to see what great home cooks produce to feed their families. As the bikers go on their freewheeling trip through Europe, they stop to cook their own dishes, inspired by the country they're visiting and the local ingredients they discover. It's the journey of a lifetime and there's a fair bit of madness thrown in as they find plenty of time to party at the locals' festivities and cultural events as well as taking in must-see sights and activities.

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    • what is the full name of the bouchon restaurant in lyon which the bikers visited
      on their french bakeation tour

  • Can't wait. Education and entertainment both at once - great!

  • Love the Bikers! Looking forward to yet more uplifting TV from the guys! Do you visit Finland in the series?

  • Recipes please ... Those little pasties looked lush

  • Excellent , funny , interesting food keep up the great work lads

    • Buy the book of the series all the recipes are in there!! Good deal at COSTCO at the moment.

      • Can you tell me what the bikers call their caravan during this series please?

  • Hi Si & Dave

    Love the show, but please put up the great recipes to go with all you are showing us.
    Keep up the great work you are creating.
    wonderful and entertaining as always.
    Kind regards

  • Excellent, and where was that (pod) over the river? Whats the places name

  • I find it amazing that Portuguese pastry and baking is not covered, when we have one of the best in the World (albeit mayhappen not the most known).

    Just start watering on this cakes...

  • Excellent show, really well put together, informative and makes me want to visit Norway! Anyone know what the music was that was playing when they were making the bread and the boat come up to dock (about 9 mins in)?

  • enjoyed the show when are the bread recipes available as i would like to try

    • would love the baguette recipe

  • well done lads! stunning food, amazing locations! the books on its way! xx

  • hi! need recipe for the panchini bread, I am gluten free guy and tried nearly all recipes for bread but not to my taste. The aformentioned looks terrific as it is light, which is what I need for my diet. Luckly my partner is a chef and would love to bake this bread for me. thank you

  • Saw the Norway show and it was my first introduction to Hairy Bikers. We LOVED it! The byplay between the two, the scenery and of course the yummy cooking. We'll watch again! you have a synopsis of exactly where you went? We'd like to travel to some of those places as well.

  • Where can we get these recipes?
    Are they posted on the Website???

    • Enjoy seeing you both cooking & trying out
      recipes with a twist. Love your cheeky smile Dave. Carry on with the great show.

  • please can we have the bread recipes from the new series, infact all the recipes. fantastic show as usual I have never missed a series keep up the excellent work lads.

  • Where can I find the recipe for Belgian chocolate cheesecake please?

  • the recipes can be found here :

  • Love the new series, saving up for the book now!!
    Can you settle an argument? The chips, sorry, frites that you had in Bruges, had 2 sauces. One was obviously tomato, what was the other one? Hubby says it was mayo, I'm not convinced. Can you remember??? (Or if anyone else knows.....)

    • Hi Rosemary. I did not watch that episode, but we just got back from Bruges and my husband loved the white sauce. The told him it was called Andalouse. Hope this helps.

  • What a lovely idea to show our neighbours food we see so much of chiefs but not the normal!,,,,? people it's a breath of fresh air. Keep up the good work

  • I wan't to know where Si got that FAB jacket! Love the new series guys xx

  • Hi Si, Dave Love watching your programmes
    you are both such wonderful cooks. Love your enthusiasm and upbeat personalities
    keep it up


  • After watching the Norway episode I was looking forward to the Low Countries but as I live in Brugge I was disappointed they visited not a single belgian baker. Even the smallest village often has 2 proper bakers (warm) offering a huge variety of standard bread plus specialities of the village/district/region etc... plus a huge selection of pastries, tarts and deserts. really had been expecting better than the usual chocolate/mannekin pis jokes

  • Rosemary re the sauces on the frites. Mayo would be traditional in belgium, I think the ketchup may have been Andalouse which has the texture of mayo but has a spicy tomato flavour.

  • Last week we were channelhopping to search for something worth to watch, and then we got stuck on BB2 with this. In one word: fabulous show! Lots of humor an d nice to see that you enjoyed our nice sweets and pastry. I hope you have as much as fun in Germany, your next stop.

  • Watched the show tonight , next weekend them ' Bierrocks ' are going to be given a whirl !,,

  • love the music can you give me the names of the music please....thanx

    • Hi Jilly,
      In tonights show 'The Scorpions' with 'winds of Change' was played, as well as 'Santana's 'Oye como va?'

      Fun detail: The Scorpions is a German band :)


  • what was the white wine they drank in the besen which dosent give you a headache

    • Yes it is called blue nunne of stutgart

  • Ahhhh what a mouth watering program you guys bake!!!

    When will these tours be available for the not so hairy non bikers that love baking and sightseeing?!?


  • As I am a german living in the UK now I loved to see a bit of the old home country :)
    I need to have the receipe of the bierrocks and an answer, please: what brings someone to Windischenschenbach????

  • can we have the recipe for potato bread and those little beer pies that you cooked in the communal over..beerocks ??

  • love the german show tonight.boys enjoyed everything you've done so far... looking forward to making bierrocks when i can get hold of the recipe... hope you guys are posting these... keep up the great work your doing...peace

  • great show guys, we are planning a bike tour through Germany and would love to visit the place where you had the Black Forest Gateaux, what was it called? Thanks, roll on this week's episode x

  • Where is the recipe for the cremeche?

  • I love you guys your my idols please can you put the recipes to create more amazing recipes!;)xxxx

  • I love the show and I would love to get hold of one of the trivet stand that you used for the goulash. I think you called it a bog rack but can't find one online.
    Keep cooking best cookery show on tv.

    • It is called bogrács. :)

  • As above, please can we have a list of the recipes.
    Great show, I prefer the GS's to the KTM's though.

  • Great show guys. We are going to Budapest in two weeks and cant wait to try some of the food we seen on the show. Where can i find the recipe for the beer rocks and the savory scones. x x x

  • I have bought lovely cookie stamps from Rycraft in the states.

  • How do you get all the recipes for the bakeation series as all the food looks fab but can't find the recipes thanx xxx

  • Hi, Where can i find the recipie for the crackling bread??

  • Love the Bakeation show, you guys are very entertaining. My boyfriend bought me the book as a surprise (I was raving about your show) so I was delighted with the book. I have the rye flour and yeast ready to go to make that wonderful rye bread, you make it look so easy though!

  • Hi, can you tell me the name of the potato bread you baked the other day in Germany, would love to try it and can't find it anywhere, thanks guys, loving the bakeation shows


  • Fantastic show. Austria was a blast! One question: have you noticed how Dave is the spitting image of the French presidential candidate, Francois Hollande? What's going on there? Hairy Bikers plan to rule France!

  • 'Great, it's the Hairy Bakers. I love them!' said our 8-year-old as you came on the telly...Couldn't have put it better myself :)

  • Hi guys,

    just watched the show (no. 5 Austria)
    I myself am from Austria, and I just wanted to say thank you for putting a great smile on my face, and putting my home-country in such great perspective.

    Thanks again.

  • what a fabulous proramme. enjoyed every episode. the locations and people visited have been first class.

  • Always go to Germany on bike, but now Austria here we come,, Love the show!!

  • Can't wait till the italy show :)

  • just watching the italian leg of the bakation and already my hubby is asking about the pasta pie. Can you share the recipe, please. Brilliant show even when on diet :)

  • saw tonights show, am going through grassina in 3weeks, looks great

  • Italy show was fab. Where can i find that pasta pie recipe please?

  • I love the show ;) totally inspiring and so funny too. I've baked a few things out of the new book. Can't fail with the scandinavian tea ring or slovakian fruit crumble. Roll on the weekend for time to try and chocolate and hazelnut cake!

  • I have just watched the Italy show. Very good of course, but what an opportunity they have missed! They have only gone as far South as Tuscany, whereas the land of baking in Italy is Southern Italy, particularly Apulia. What a shame! I hope they read this and get interested enough to ask for more infos!

  • Love the program and have bought the book but there is no recipe for pasta pie :( my whole family is really disappointed as we loved the look & sound of it

  • Great show. Deeply envious of your european jaunt. What was the aria in Venice?

  • i am looking for the recipe for pasta pie so if you find it will you pass it on thank you helen

    • Get the book of the series.

  • We definitely need the pasta pie recipe!!

  • Also would love the recipe for the pasta pie. Looking for someone new to cook for a big family dinner

  • Love the show so much I just had to get the book. I have just attempted to make George's Fantatsic Gingerbread page 152 from the book. I followed the recipe carefully but the mixture did not form a dough it was more like a batter. Is the recipe printed correctly? It seemed alot of honey. Help!!!

    • I have just made the dough and have had the same problem - i want to be able to save it - help someone!!

  • Please can you share the pasta pie recipe? I looked in the cookbook but it's not there.

  • What time of year was this filmed? It seemed to rain constantly?

  • Watched the show last night on iPlayer ... Loved it! Can you tell me what the make and model of that oven you used to bake in france was, it was a camping gas oven with two rings... I really want one of those we go camping in France loads and they would be life changing having an oven!!!

  • great series again guys!!! keep them coming

  • Will all the food cooked and demonstrated by other have recipes shown ????? Need the pig shaped pie recipe. Yummy

  • Just watched the final episode - Spain. I'd never been bothered by Spain, neither the scenery nor cuisine.

    You've changed my mind on both! I could really fancy going to northern or western Spain, and as for the food - quite probably the best in the series. (I've got the book!)

    A keen baker, mainly bread (as my missus does all the arty stuff), I've not used spelt in quite a while. That will change by the end of the week, as I'll be going to my bread flour supplier (30 miles each way, in the Low Peak) and they do good spelt.

    Thanks for a great series.

    • The pasta pie recipe is not theirs so they can't publish it, It belongs to the restaurant they were in and the recipe book they have.

  • Love the show so much! Really makes me want travel and try new cultures. Hope you have another series in the pipeline!

  • Absoutley fab series! with so many amazing places is it going to be available on dvd at all as I would love to watch it again x

    • I agree! Please put out a Bakeation DVD bikers.

  • Loved watching the bakeation i,am now working my way through the big book of Baking it,s playing havoc with my weight watching , have even made rustic spanish breadmuch to my husbands delight .

  • Fantastic series ! Enjoyed every minuet of it !!!!! Please make this available on DVD !!!

  • Hi,I love to watch the hairy bikers.
    I am Belgian and live in the Dutch part of Belgium in Dilsen-Stokkem.Making the recipes from you 2 gives me great pleasure and my wife eats it al with taste.
    I am going to try the Bierroks now.But instead of cabbage I am using muschrooms.I am a great fan of Britain and hope to visit your country soon again.

  • We've recently got a new free-to-air channel here in New Zealand (choiceTV) that specialises in shows on cooking, home renovations, travel...

    This has been one of my favorites (we've only just seen the Austrian episode, so a few months later then when it originally aired) - not just the cooking, but the travel and humour is great fun!

    Awesome stuff guys! Great show, and some great recipes (I'm gonna make Curly Pies when I can get into the kitchen without my wife watching over my shoulder. lol!)

    Hope you'll do another travelling show sometime in the near future... Kev.

  • Could someone please tell me the name of the place in Belgium that made the chocolate cake slice.

  • could someone please inform me of the name of the shop/cafe in Belgium where they tasted the chocolate cake slice

  • Are there any plans to show bakeation around europe again ?

    Thank you

  • Love the ideas, especially all the different breads. When's the DVD out?

  • Loved the series, but missed the first show! Is there any plans to release the series on DVD?

  • loved the series. even went to Zell Am See because of it. DVD / Blue Ray please please...

  • I can't seem to find the baguette recipe anywhere! can anyone help me?

  • Nice show!
    What is the name/ brand of the oven you bring along with you on the tour?

    Greetings from Denmark ;-)

  • We met you on a terrace in cinque terre. You were very busy eating and filming. We would love to see that episode. Is it available on internet or dvd?

  • Sorry you didn´t went to Denmark. The best bakers are from Denmark and World famous for the sweets.

  • could anybody tell me the name of the bar and where in Belgium they went for the beers and tried working behind the bar.


  • I can't believe you didn't go to Portugal!!!

  • good work hairy bikers you have inspired me to start my own sour dough thanks !

  • I make bread but their tip of starting the yeast off in warm water works a treat and the dough rises a lot faster giving the bread a soft texture. Brilliant tips all through the show.


  • I love this series, hope it comes out on dvd so i can watch it all again !!

  • is there going to be a DVD of the Bakeation series?

  • Gutted the macaroni pie from Italy wasn't in the book. Really wanted to make it. Is there a recipe anywhere for something similar.

  • In the Bakation Spanish episode you use rye flour, whereas in the written recipe you don't mention it.
    Would it make a difference to use rye or not?
    BTW, I love all your shows, and have tried some recipes.

  • Loved the tour of Europe.
    We have family in Vienna and told them about the Bikers trip, but would ideally love for a DVD of the series to send out to Austria.
    Any chance please.........

  • Is Bakeation coming out on DVD before Christmas please? X

  • Please release this fabulous series on DVD. It would be great to see another new series.

  • Fantastic show, congratulations. And where was that place for the macarons with Dominique and Lea?

  • Great series, fantastic food, wonderful entertainment, but as a Portuguese citizen i must confess that i was a little disappointed because you finish your "Bakeation" in Spain and didn't came to Portugal that has a great tradition in fantastic cakes and deserts. I wish you could visit my country to try the most famous pasteis de belém or the sericaia or even Don rodrigos between many more traditional and regional sweets that we have here. continue all the wonderful work.

    Best wishes!!!!

  • Please, please, please release the series on DVD!! It only came to Australia on pay TV, and I so very much want to share the Bakeation love with my parents, fans of the Hairy Bikers and avid cooks who haven't been to Europe since their honeymoon in 1978! I know they will get such a kick out of it!

  • Love your enthusiasm and upbeat personalities, always a pleasure to watch you!

  • Guys i really love to see your programs. You are truly gifted, charming, nice and very amusing. I would like to inform you that Portugal has a long history of good food, pastery and deserts...and other things. I was very disapointed to see that you "finished" your Europe tour on Spain. Yeah, ok, they have great tapas, but we have great, tasty, spicy, and confort food for every one's delight. Please do not forget to visit us on your next European visit. I really appreciate your approach to food, and would very much like to see an episod filmed on Portugal. Till then. Great success.

  • I have been watching the Bakeation series from the Low Countries to France. Really great show not just for the cooking (which is always good) but for the travel as well and of course the special Hairy Bikers brand of humour. I know the series has been on before but I watched France on Monday 18th August expecting Spain to be on the next day, but instead they showed a show from another Hairy Bikers series. So what's happed to Spain I was really looking forward to this episode having seen all the others.

  • Why did we not get Bakeation Spain?
    We live in Canada an did not see this on BBCi for some reason and I've scoured the internet for that episode.. I can find everything but!
    Anyone direct me to the right place to find this episode.

  • Loved. I stayed with gastronomic ideas for my leisure travel. Thank you.

  • What was the camp oven used in Poland trip to cook Bigos??

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