The Hairy Dieters: How To Love Food And Lose Weight


Friday 27th April, 2012

Great news the Bikers are back with a brand new four part series for BBC2 and this time they are taking on a huge challenge - How do you love food and lose weight?

On their journey the boys will join forces with the men and women of Britain to find ways of creating food that satisfies their lust for tasty cooking and answers the demands of the doctors and nutritionists who want them to make less of themselves. The boys hope that what starts with a mighty weigh-in will end in triumph, lessons learned and trousers taken in.

"We're two blokes who love food," say the Hairy Bikers. "As we've always said, 'We're not this shape for nowt.' Last year we spent four months sampling the finest patisseries in Europe. We had a blinding good time, but it has left both of us with a bit of a spare tyre. It's time to get that punctured in a way that is sensible and sustainable.

"Making this series is going to be a real challenge for us both, and we each have our own very personal reasons for wanting to change our eating habits, which will become evident in the programme.

"It's our way of being responsible and aware of the problems so many people have with health and diet, and the first stop is ourselves. But it's not a U-turn, it's more of a detour and we hope lots of viewers will join us in our journey to shed those extra pounds that make our waistlines strain sometimes..."

If that wasn't exciting enough how about the fact that you get to lend a hand, the producers of the show Optomen TV are looking for people to contribute their recipes and suggestions. Have you lost weight and created your own tasty healthy recipes? Have you got any amazing tips, lifestyle hints, exercise tips, and any food choices that are kinder to your body? We want to hear from you and we want to feature you and your suggestions on our new show. Go to to find out more.

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  • Hi HB's, I am a fan and looking forward to coming to see you in Newcastle in November.
    With regard to your new diet show, I feel I should tell you about the service I work for - Northumbria Foundation NHS Trust. Myself and colleagues are NHS Health Trainers and we promote healthy lifestyle issues, including nutrition. Some of us are able to run cook and taste sessions to encourage people to cook healthy versions of takeaways, quick healthy meals for working and busy people, healthier versions of family favourites etc. I am sure the Trust would welcome you, the team certainly would, if you wanted to take part in or run a cook and taste session with us. Fingers crossed. Dawn Morrell

    • I live in Cramlington would love to get advice from a dietician, asked my GP but was refused - partially paralysed and can't walk very far - how do we get to speak to someone like yourselves ps used to work for the NHS in Newcastle for 36 years

  • Rice Pudding - with Cream soda..low cal.
    Pudding rice in saucepan - add regular size can of Cream Soda boil slowly til absorbed and creamy texture.
    NO FAT/SUGAR/MILK but filling and gorgeous

    • Great idea but when I tried making this we and found it VERY sweet. Please can someone advise what spices or other things that they have successfully added to balance out the sweetness.
      Many thanks.

  • Salmon with Noodles.
    Chop fresh tomatoes/garlic/chilli/limejuice and lime zest/fresh chopped ginger/chopped spring onions - mix all together pop ontop of salmon steaks cover with foil cook for about 30-40 mins - serve ontop of cooked eggie noodles.
    Absolutely tasty.

  • Hello,hope u get to read this,I really feel happy after watching u guys,inspires me to bake/ an avid dieter failed by a mixture of pants diets and low willpower due to poor choice I wud most certainly like to join u on ur next venture.i feel I could add the dieters voice of those who are still trying who will watch ur programmes.happy to help :)x

  • Love rhubarb but always used loads of sugar. I have been diagnosed diabetic and best advice is to cook rhubarb in diet sugar needed and it's fab. PS love your shows guys xo

    • Put the rhubarb and a can of diet lemonade in a saucepan and slowly heat. Easy and heart healthy. Enjoy

  • Can't wait for the new prog., having dieted for the last year and lost two stone. Gammon loaf: Finely chop 14oz cooked ham, 1 de- seeded red pepper, a handful of parsley and cut some cooked potato into smallish cubes. Season with pepper (I use smoked paprika too). Mix well with 6 beaten eggs. Put into a lined 2lb loaf tin and cook 50 mins at 400 F or gas 6. Its lovely hot with a jacket potato, low fat oven chips or cold on a picnic with salad. See you in Carlisle.

  • Can't wait for this new series. As someone who constantly struggles with her weight but loves food, I am interested to see what you can come up with that is both healthy and tasty too. Love all the shows you have done so far lads. Wish I could meet you as I am an avid cook myself. xx

  • hi you recently spoke to a friend of mine in Newcastle a couple of weeks ago he was training on his bike he was telling you about the charity bike ride he will be doing this summer for Spinal Muscular Atrophy, i was wondering whether you would sponsor Steve you can see your photo on his blog it would mean so very much to him:) thank you for your time

  • Am staying with friends in Lyon and after seeing programme last week, had to try the the praline tart. OMG! It almost sent me into a diabetic coma - luckily, the second slice pulled me through!!

  • I'm way overweight and have tried many diets but rarely get far...I like my food too much and love cooking! My hubby has just bought me a bike so we are trying to eat more healthily and get more exercise. Can't wait to see how you get on and look forward to hearing your ideas.

  • Hairy Bikers diet - Can't wait, I think it will be my sort of diet :-)

  • Look forward to sharing your ideas guys!

  • Hi Fellas, great idea for the dieting programme. I constantly battle the bulge so good luck with it!
    a couple of tips: portion control is hard- so start with smaller plates. Buy smaller pieces of meat if you are a meat eater, lots of cals in big bits. I eat tons of veg, but not much pasta, rice and spuds- those are easy to over do and are packed with cals.
    Don't eat on the run, it is easier to forget what you've had. Remove unnecessary temptations. Be like Dawn French and avoid your nemesis completely if you can't say no!

  • Can't wait to see the new show, it might motivate me to lose weight :) about to start my own venture when I return home. :)

  • The sooner the better love your shows got most of your books 40 years ago trained as a hotel Chef but been a lawyer since love food and cooking still but could do with losing a few stone this year!

  • Great idea! Have a delicious three berry nut topped whole-meal crumble that's low on fat and processed sugar I'd be happy to share.
    PS Hairy is healthy! embarrassingproblems.c.../Dr-Phil-joy-of-hair

    • I would like your three berry nut topped whole-meal crumble that's low on fat and processed sugar .
      Please email when you have a chance, Many thanks

  • Fantastic news about the new dieting programme. I have just started myself and lost 6lbs in two weeks, so a great start. I'm getting on a push bike, walking more and taking care with the food I eat. The only tip so far is that we are enjoying fresh fruit with half fat creme fraiche.
    Good luck guys. I hope, when I've lost enough weight, to get a motorbike aswell!

  • For me it's the most entertaining foodie programme I've seen to date. Loved the travel and the people and really started to understand what these two guys are all about. Can we have some more please!

  • Slimming World, filling healthy good food, hardly any weighing measuring or counting. Eat loads and still loose weight. Its about eating the right things and that little bit of what you fancy in moderation

  • I have been steadily watching both my weight and measurement. I am glad to report that all is going well and will shortly catch up with you.
    Now lets be honest, how can I lose either lbs or inches with you pair on the box encouraging me to use the oven? Come on, fairs fair, I eagerly await to see the recipes for the show.

  • I'd like to see the guys do a Zumba class in the new series. Supposed to be a great way to loose weight!

  • Has this been on tv yet? I would like to see the recipes but can't find them on line.

  • Have I missed this series?would be so disappointed if I had,its a brill idea and I love everything youve done so far.

  • Well done on weight loss. I started losing weight 23/11/11 and so far have lost 89 lbs in 34 weeks. Getting very hard now, and slow, another 3.5 stone to go!

  • You can pre-order The Hairy Bikers new diet book through Amazon! It is only priced £10.49. All you need to do is type in 'Hairy Dieters' into the search book.

    P.S Aqua Aerobics is very good for weight loss!

  • Look forward! Love your series.

  • What a fantastic start to your new series love it, looking forward to rest of programmes. Good luck and good health HB's.

  • love you guys all ways trying to lose waight so will be watching and trying lol

  • cant wait for more recipes. tried the lasagne but the leeks didnt work out right for me but the rest was lovely

  • Cooked your skinny beef lasagne. Great taste and very filling - you can't tell it's low calorie. Love your programmes and we're coming to see your show again next year in Brughton. Good luck with the weight loss.

  • hi lads great program gives me some good idea's because i'm type2 diabetic and help's me with my diet,si give tai chi a go it might help thanks lads and you can reach that goal just stay focused

  • hi love your proggramm last nights was brill i loved every thing you did i will try all recipes, i have lost 2 stone at the moment and got stuck so i have been motivated by it all, well done to you both thanks

  • Hi Guys love the show Ive always had to diet so these are great recipes to encourage me. Hers one I like I call it low carb quiche
    1 Tin corned beef fat scrapped off mashed
    1 onion
    1 Pot cottage cheese (try different flavours)
    2 eggs

    dice onion,place in dish spread corned beef over then mix eggs with cottage cheese salt and pepper pour over top
    cook in oven on low heat for about an hour
    you can slice a tomatoe and put on top if you want too
    You can eat it as a snack or have as a meal with salad or jacket pot
    cant wait for next episode
    good luck guys

  • Hi, Any idea when you Hairy Diet book will be back in print, I can't get hold of a copy!


    • If you haven't already found a copy, take a look at the book people website. I got a copy off there this week.

  • Thank you Hairy Bikers!
    Followed your diet recipes all week and did not feel I was on a diet at all as all your food tasted great and "normal". I make sure to freeze in the left over portions to avoid temptation. I love the fact that I am still cooking. Only with a lot less calories. Lost 3 Kg in the first week!!!

  • I love the book and the food. I have just one problem, i travel a lot and love my crumpet breakfast with warm fruit and yoghurt. Only not in every country is strawberry available in this time of year?? What other fruit could I use??

  • Fantastic I have tried over the years to get my husband to lose weight, he watched your series and said if they can do it so can I.We started on 11/8 Tim was 17st3 he is now 2lbs off losing 2st, I am so proud of him, he has 1 glass of wine a night otherwise he wouldn't stick to it.Every recipe has been delicious we love the fruit and crumpets, as our Sunday breakfast we are having the compote and granita this week.Thankyou Hairy Bikers I am getting my slim Tim back.

  • Absolutely Fantastic, is an understatement, my husband has los 2st 10lb and i've lost 1st 12lb and we're still going, i've done every recipe in the book and have never got bored by it. my husband says he's never felt better and will never eat shop bought meusli again. when we have friends round for dinner i cook from the book and always get complimented, they're always surprised when i tell them its from the "hairy dieters" book then say they wanta a copy. Thats alot of xmas presents sorted:-)

  • I have just watched your programme as I have had it on sky recording for a while. I have been so down in the dumps because of my weight. I have a number of health issues which I have to cope with one being type 2 diabetes, an underactive thyroid, and joint problems due to my weight. I watch your cookery programmes all the time and enjoy what you cook. I was extremely impressed with what you are both doing, I think you are both an inspiration, and to see that you are both taking this difficult issue of loosing weight seriously. I have made a big decision to use your inspiration to give me a kick start to try and loose the weight that I need to loose for my health. I am only 53 but feel most of the time 63 or even older. Thank you so much for compiling the cookery book and providing me with the inspiration I so need. God bless you both and really hope that you reach your goal weights.

  • Hi Hairy's
    Watched yr programme last night about you dieting, my husband and I are ready to diet, if you can do it so can we, we've started today.

  • Tried 3 diff dishes this week all of them yummy

  • I have never added a comment to anywhere before but had to after buying this cookbook. I have tried two recipes so far cajun chicken and potato wedges and minted pea and feta omelette so delish and am going to try making the pies today and wondering if they can be frozen if I make a batch? I would really love if you could bring another book out for single people as I know you can divide the recipe but it does not always work out and you cant always just freeze everything else i think a book on meals for one would be perfect, but well done for keeping dieting real!! tasty and filling.

  • Best cookbook I have ever bought. You will love all the recipes even if not on a diet. This book has inspired my husband to loose weight as the recipes are fantastic.

  • Agree with Gizlin. Even with two of us it is hard to split and to know exactly when in the recipe to stop and freeze, or even if you can freeze it. That said, superb recipes - loved the salmon, ginger and chillies. Proper food just less calories.

  • What a fantastic book, I have never been so impressed by a diet book. My husband an I started on it five weeks ago and really enjoyed everything about husband has lost a stone unfortunately I have not done very well losing only 4lb in the same time. I am insulin controlled diabetic and have cooked the dishes to the book weighing an portioning everything. While it has made a high difference to my sugars an I feel better its getting me down now not losing has anyone got any ideas please x

  • Bought the diet book last year ,then went on the diet in March the recipes are really tasty .followed them and my sister and myself have lost 2stones each cannot wait for the next book xx

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