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Northern Exposure: South Sweden


Friday 2nd October, 2015

A trip around the Baltic wouldn't be complete without the Bikers tasting the ultimate smorgasbord - it's the very best of Sweden on a plate.Read more

Northern Exposure: North Sweden


Tuesday 29th September, 2015

With thousands of miles under their belts, Dave and Si are delighted to arrive in Sweden, home to some of the world's top chefs and the Nordic cuisine that has put them there.Read more

Northern Exposure: Finland


Tuesday 22nd September, 2015

The Bikers fall immediately in love with the beautiful and tranquil lakes of Finland and enjoy what they think will be a complete change of pace from the intensity of St Petersburg.Read more

To Russia with love!


Tuesday 15th September, 2015

Si and Dave taste some of Russia's finest foods (washed down with a vodka) and go down the rabbit hole of a country and culture we know very little about. What will they think of modern Russia when they come out the other side?Read more

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