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Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia

Ep2 - Latvia

Wednesday 2nd September, 2015

In episode of Northern Exposure, the Bikers travel on to the Baltic States and in Latvia, the Bikers can't resist the opportunity to ride with Latvia's oldest biker gang!Read more

Making sausages the Polish way!


Tuesday 1st September, 2015

See how Si and Dave get on with some local instruction on making and smoking traditional Polish sausage.Read more

Northern Exposure: Poland


Wednesday 26th August, 2015

For two sausage-loving bikers, Poland is the ultimate destination, and the boys are like kids in a sweet shop. Starts Tuesday 1st September on BBC Two.Read more

Meat Feast Book Signings


Wednesday 26th August, 2015

Si & Dave are rolling into a town near you... and let there be no 'misteak', they want to see you there!Read more

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