Hairy Bikers’ Mississippi Adventure (iOS app)

​Twenty one authentic recipes from the Deep South, from classic barbecue ribs and pulled pork to the ultimate Mississippi mud pie.

Hairy Bikers’ Mississippi Adventure (iOS app)

Each recipe is easy to follow, with extra cooking tips and an ingredients list that can be sent to your email.And while you’re cooking, you can preview and buy music from the series to really get you into the spirit.

You can follow the Hairy Bikers’ road trip using an interactive map that lets you discover the food, music and behind the scenes photos and videos from every stop on their tour. Download it now and tuck in!

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Really good! I've cooked with many cooking apps and is refreshing to see a different approach to the standard recipe app. The hairy bikers have created something more unique with this and provided a high quality app that's well designed and comes with interesting series content and handy video tips

by faceupdate

Fab app! Love this! Great show, great app. Easy to use and instructions clear. The Hairy Bikers are fab and make everything look so easy - very inspiring. Can we have an app from the Hairy Dieters show please? After trying all these great (but calorie fuelled!) recipes, need to get back on healthy eating plan!!

by Susiec2012

Excellent app! The Hairy Bikers Mississippi series was excellent and the recipes each looked delicious. After spending a summer in the States, I have been yearning for good American recipes and now I have them all in one app!

by Kellz20