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Dave in the Fjords of Norway. A very happy chap. Have ya ever seen a set of Vistas like that.

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  • Give me the site of that room above the water. wow.

  • Brilliant

  • Where can I find the recipe for the breads shown on tonights programme in Norway please?

    • Hi Jack,

      here's a link for the recipes featured:

      You wouldn't by any chance know the name of that bakery in Oslo where they had that amazing sour dough bread, do you?



      • you add still water to flour (any) and leave it for at least 12 hours after stirring it well. It will grow in volume so care to put it into a big enough jar (plastic or glass), cover but leave plenty of fresh air to go through.

        Then pour on table and add your ingredients ( mushrooms porcini and nuts or dried tomatoes and ham or else) Fold in 4, leave in big jar for at least an hour.

        Pour olive oil onto table then pour on it the dough and "dirt" it with the oil.

        The oven should be well hot (maximum heat) when you put the bread in, then turn it down to 200 degrees.

        Take it out only when the bread is well colored brown . Leave it to cool.

        Let me know hoe it is. I am doing mine now.

        Ciao, Anna

  • Did anyone catch the name of that bakery with the sourdough bread in Oslo ? It looked amazing.

    • I think it is the Apent Bakeri

    • Hi Nv,

      I was just thinking exactly the same thing! You haven't found out have you?


      • Thanks for posting the name of the bakery - I contacted them via their website and they responded by saying they are contacting the BBC to ask them to put the recipe on the HB website and will also put it on their website ... can't wait!

    • The Bakery was called Apent Bakeri

  • Does anyone know the name of the phographers house overlooking the river - and do they rent it out? and wasn't it fabulous!

  • sour dough bakery near Oslo was Åpent Bakeri

  • Please let me have details of the house overlooking the water as would love to visit and stay. thanks

  • Please....can you email the recipe For the olive sourdough breads in Oslo
    Wow they look as though they were fabulous

    • please can some email me this recipe for the olive sourdough bread as well . Thanks xxx

  • Apent Bakery web site has a book advertised "Brod". Could an English version be available. Bound to have the recipe in there.

  • please could you email me the sourdough recipe as having problem finding it

  • Will talk to my brother who lives in Oslo and see if he can drum up any more info on the Apent bakerie.

  • If anyone can get hold of the sour dough recipe I would love a copy!

    At the moment I'm having trouble finding any recipe to use my starter in..
    Any Ideas?

  • Hi

    Please could you e-mail me the sourdough recipe too?


  • It is indeed the Apent Bakeri in Oslo. I emailed them and they are going to put the recipe on their web site as well as asking the BBC if they can put it on the HB web page. The Apent site is in Norwegian but Google translate sorts that out.

  • Just checked their website - there aren't any recipes, so I suppose one just have to buy the book - if one can read Norwegian...

  • To Simon and David, i have seen all your photos on this website and the both of you are epic and awesome, i loved everyone of your photos. they are all my favourites good luck lads on your new series if you are making anyone fabulous ones, take care and all the best to you both and your wives as well.

  • Hi the lovely bakers in Oslo have put the sourdough recipe on their website:

  • That cheese cake looked fantastic, love the look of Brussels

  • Why is there no 'DVD' of the Bakaton tour???

    If there is one, where can I buy it?

  • Watched the programme last night. Was it The Bakery Lom or something, the one that had the window right by that water flowing past?. It was sooo Beautiful, wish i could work there!!, or live there even better!!!.

  • Has anyone found the recipe for the sour dough bread from apent bakery PLEASE

  • I was inspired to try making the fabulous Norwegian Sourdough bread and have adapted the Apent bakery recipe from grams and dl's to cups, on my blog.

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