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Wednesday 26th March, 2014

In light of the news of his recent hospital stay, Si would like to thank everyone for their best wishes.

Si was admitted to hospital last weekend and underwent a routine procedure.

He is due to go home later on today but will be taking it easy for a while before filming begins on the next Hairy Biker TV series.

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  • Feel better soon kingy.
    Enjoy watching you guys on tv.
    Take care all the best for the future :-)

    • please have a big family holiday and stop working until you feel ready xxx

    • Get well soon. Simon Do you remember Simon & Dave sat upon our G P O Motor bikes in South Cumbria ?

  • Wishing you a speedy recovery Si...

  • Good luck mate,take it easy,one of the best shows on the tv.
    best regards.

  • Sorry to hear you've been in hospital - get well soon. Looking forward to your next adventure

  • Get Well Soon xx

  • hello SI hope all has gone ok for you, take it wife & I cook from your books, both lost weight me three quarters of a stone the wife half a stone in 5 weeks. Thanks a lot and lookafter yourselves

  • Get very well soon big man, from a proud northern lad and chef. I have lost. Over 1 stone in 5 weeks thanks to you too 1 more to go . Take care mate

  • Get well soon si would send you a card don't where to send it!! Best wishes xxxxxx

  • so sorry to hear you've been poorly, Si God bless and hope you are 100% again very soon

  • Great news you are out of hospital get well soon ,Take it easy !

  • Wishes for you to get well soon from your fans here in Atlanta, Georgia USA

  • All best wishes for a very speedy recovery Si, and I look forward to seeing you on TV again soon!

  • I've learned to cook proper meals and have lost 30 Kg following the Hairy Bikers and together with Prof Roy Taylor's work in Newcastle (of Hairy Dieters fame) have reversed the onset of type 2 diabetes.

    I owe you a debt of gratitude and send you a heart felt wish for a speedy recovery.

  • get well soon when are you coming back to York x

  • Now that wasn't very 'epic' matey, I heard that they surgically removed lost parts of the sumo clobber you wore in the last series. Make a good recovery mate, cos your my hero!

  • Get well soon have a rest then start another adventure take care

  • Hello Si get well soon and have a rest before you start another adventure take care

  • Hope you can still put your leg across a bike without too much pain...get well soon mate.

  • Hope you get back to full strength and continue your adventures

  • Get well soon have a rest then have another adventure take care

  • Sorry to hear you've been poorly, do hope you're on the mend. Something to do when to stop you being bored while you're getting back into the swing of things. Check the Sunday Sun free handout (30th March)of your curry recipes, the one for very good chicken balti not a hint of chicken in the list of ingredients (lists lamb), but it does mentioned chicken breast in the method. I know your recipes change the most simple ingredients into some tantalising meals but lamb into chicken, a bit like water into wine.

  • Get well soon Si. Looking forward to seeing you at the Good Food Show in June.

  • Get well soon dude!!

  • Hope you're up and running and didn't get too used to Hospital Food :-)

  • Get well soon x

  • Hi Si. I'm in New Zealand and just love your shows. Didn't know about your trip to hospital so thinking of you in your recovery.

  • get well soon
    ps please could you also give gas mark on your otherwise excellent tv shows

  • Hallo Si . My wife and I wish you all of the best . We were a minute to late to meet you when were in Campbeltown Kintire with our motorbike . Mayby we'll meet again somewhere . Bey ! ( keep on going with your television programs )
    Mike and Paula

  • Si love your T V Programs love to see you & Dave together has a team. your so funny and GREAT CHEFS a great tonic for me & all people who are disabled, I do hope you are recovering from your Hospital stay........, I am trying to find the FISH PIE Recipe it looked yummy, ....Hurry Back, xx

  • Get well soon Si, I'm sure Dave will do a great job by himself at the BBC Good Food Show Spring at Harrogate in April

  • Hi is. Hope you get better soon. Have to tell you, after watching your Asian adventure and getting the book, decided to go to Bangkok and try out the local cuisine, only to find auntie daeng gone on hols! Can you believe it? Just our luck! Get well soon. Loving the shows

  • Hey so hope your feeling better and get back on tv soon miss you and dave take care of your self

  • Best w wishes for speedy recovery we don't seem to get the Show on Aussie television anymore and we miss it. Hope to see you up and about soon
    Cheers Ian

  • hello kingy , We met up in york on a book signing , you asked me if i,d walked all the way from Eaglescliffe where i live .

  • Hi Si, love your work with Dave. Hope you've well and truly recovered by now.

  • Get well soon Si
    From A massive fan
    Anne-Marie x

  • Get well soon Si

  • Sorry to hear you haven't been well. We will miss you at the Good Food Show this afternoon, but get well soon and we will catch you at another event. :-)

  • Hey Si, Take it easy mate, rest up and enjoy the time with your family. After all it's what life is about.

  • Get well soon Si ! xHarj x

  • Missed you at Harrogate. Dave without Si is like fish without chips! Get well very soon and look forward to the next series (whatever and whenever it is!).

  • Hope you are back on your feet again soon Si!

    Lots of love for lovely Belfast!


  • Hope alls well Kingy,
    From the foodies of Birkenhead

  • Hope your home with the family soon and feeling as fit as a fiddle xx

  • Hope you are now fully recovered. Hope you are chilling out and perhaps reducing your work load a bit !! Love all your books and no room on book shelves now.

    regards Margaret law

    • Hi Guys read your article in the Daily Mirror today (20-6-14) so sorry to hear this happened to you Si.I too have had an anerysm,mind burst.i have coils in mine & due to fluid on my brain i had a shunt put in.This happened 2008 after yearly scans im being left for 5 years.I was in southampton general for over a month in ICU then had my shut put in 2 months later.the dark days are long gone & im still hearing people having their lives cut willing to answer question Si i might be a little thing i have learnt LIFE IS TOO SHORT,HERE TODAY GONE TOMORROW.keep your chin up to your family x

  • I had a sub-arachnoid haemorrage in March '13,my treatment consisted of inserting an embolism coil into the posterior connecting artery. Might this be the treatment you've got to come??I'm 11 years older than you,but was still told I was young for this vsott of event. Mne came on in literally 5 minutes,and felt like being wanted across the back of my neck with a baseball bat. Happily for me I have no memory of the violent behaviour I exhibited because of the pain!
    I've absolutely no side-effects at all,unless you count the hole they drilled in my head,when I developed potentially dangerous hydrocephalus during the surgery to put the coil in(via initially the renal artery and then round the "side streets" to get to the right place.
    I really hope that you will make as good a recovery as I have.
    My March Medical 'Mergency this year is bilateral kidney stones. I've had 2 surgical procedures so far,and was promised the final one by by 26 June.That's now been put two weeks further on because the surgeon is on leave and the hospital doesn't provide cover!(This sounds crackers,but I'm likely to be bonkers myself from the non-stop pain I'm having!
    All the best - get back to the bike soon please! I'm an ex-biker - only ex because I couldn't get brown to the bars on our Honda Superdream once I got past 4 months preggers. Have a Wish list item of a big fully-paniered BMW to ride down to the Alps with husband as passenger (only because I passed my bike test first) We'd love a pottering-about machine,but that can't ever happen because we both had take premature retirement on medical grounds;our pensions only cover absolute necessities e.g.Not had a holiday at all since 1998(poor old beggars!) but it's lovely for having lots of good quality time together.
    What a load of rabbiting...brief I'm not! All the best and we all hope to see you back on screen when you're ready. P.S.Bet you're glad you lost the weight! My husband lost half his body weight a few years back and he,like you and Dave,looks so much younger and healthier - well done!

  • Si. Hope you have a speedy recovery. love your programmes. Tried many of the recipes and thoroughly enjoyed them.
    Take care
    Susan F

  • Just heard the news and very pleased to hear you are on the mend! All the best for a speedy recovery, enjoy the family and relax!

  • Just seen the news (old) today.
    Get well soon mate.
    All the very best

  • I wish you a speedy recovery, I had a burst aneurysm on my brain 6 years ago and im still here, please God you do well as I know you will as you are made of strong stuff beind a northern lad

  • Hi Si. Best wishes for a complete recovery.As a mother who's son has also had a similar experience we know how fortunate early detection is in saving lives. So pleased you got the help you needed so quickly.Good luck.Our son is doing well thankfully. a mum.

  • Si,
    So sorry to hear of your problem. We are both fans of TV shows and losing weight with your delicious recipes! Also saw the live show in Torquay last year. Do take care and we look forward to seeing you back on the screen when you are well and truly ready.
    With our very best wishes.

  • I am sure I saw you the other night coming out of Casa Aleluya in Jalon. If so the Jalon vino and Juan's hospitality will help in your recovery!! If it was not you, you have a double! I wish you well, both my husband and myself are great fans of your shows.

  • I hope you are fighting fit again soon mate. I am one old fat Irish man who would miss your hairy old "bake" (Ulster for face) on tv.

  • Get well soon si . We are all thinking of you god bless yeah . Wishes from Ireland xx

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