Beef chilli... with bitter chocolate?


Thursday 7th February, 2013

Add a gourmet kick to an old classic with this Beef chilli with bitter chocolate.

Si and Dave are at it again - cooking up some delicious gourmet dishes and getting world class presentation tips from two Michelin starred chef Oliver Limousin.

Taking advice from the Aztecs, the Bikers reinvent a classic - adding chocolate to Chilli con Carne, giving it a luxurious velvety sheen. When it comes to choosing the right chocolate, Dave advises to make sure "It's proper dark, not like a melted Easter egg chucked in for a laugh!"

Mouth watering? What are you waiting for?

Watch Hairy Bikers Everyday Gourmets: Dinner for Two on the BBC iPlayer.

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  • followed website instructions to the letter, seemed to be going good till i added the chocolate which stated 3oz
    this was far too much for my taste, so take it easy when adding as you cant take it out.

  • tried the chilli with chocolate and enjoyed very much,but the leftovers next day,were time,i will cook and leave for 24hrs,to get the full flavour.thanks guys.

    • It's the law ALL casserole type dishes should be cooked then left at least 12 hours for ingredients to get to know each other then reheated (thoroughly) for amazing results

  • made this for friday tea, Yummy!! The flavours, chilli and chocolate are delicious and using the steak added depth and was surprisingly good. Have just had some more with jacket pots - don't normally leave comments but have to say, this is another hairy biker triumph!!! will definitely make again :) ps loved your show in Buxton, just sad I didn't get up on stage!!

  • not got dried chipotle chilli can't get them anywhere ( so put small amount of fresh chilli in) was that wise to do

  • Had a dinner party for 7 and ran out, went down a treat, very good, made it 4 times now and luv it

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