Hairy Bikers' Diet Club has landed!


Wednesday 19th December, 2012

It’s here! The official Hairy Bikers' Diet Club has launched on Facebook- a place where you’ll find all the latest and exclusive news, videos and recipes from your favourite dieting bikers!

You can even shout about your own weight-loss success - upload your diet story, add it to the gallery and share it with your friends!

What are you waiting for? Head over to the Hairy Bikers Facebook page and get involved!

For those who don't use Facebook, visit the club page to find out more.

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  • going to start me hb diet in jan 1st 5o next year so want to be fab n fit at 50 . lookin forwood to your curry book as love spicy food .

  • Was the given the book for Christmas. Already done several of the recipes all with great success. It's my kind of diet! My aim is too lose 10kgs in 3 months.

  • we are just sat watching you guys on t.v ,with our sons who like us love food.thankyou for being so real and offering great food ideas with a healthier twist.good luck with your diet. we are at your show mansfield in feb we cant wait.

  • I found your Hairy Dieters series an inspiration. In a spooky co-incidence, you two were the exact same weight and height as myself and my closest friend. I'm now 20kg lighter...after following the same food regime as you two.

    What also really helped me was seeing two blokes like me getting themselves sorted - instead of some identikit chisel-jawed presenter blathering on about wanting to look good for their round of christmas cocktail parties...or other made up excuse for a tv dieting programme...

    Great job fellas. I'll be joining the club.

  • after watching your diet program,i felt that i realy should make an effort to get off two stone by the summer,thanks to your program ime on my way,i will be joining your club,many many thanks guys,

  • I just made your skinny lasagne for my family. They ate every bit of it, and had no idea that it was anything but lasagne!! Well done! Like the man above nice to see normal people being real, tired of perfect size people acting like they know what its like!!

  • I am loving the series and plan to buy the book. At last a real series real people. thanks

    • This book is worth every penny(I got mine for xmas) I hope they go on to educate the makers of frozen meals and also to become very wealthy.

  • Watching your show on the 2nd January I recognized Claire from your fat food lovers. May I just verify how exceptionally fit she was when she worked at Asda in Bishop Auckland many years ago !!!

  • Made the lasagne tonight. My wife is veggie (I am not!) so substituted the mince with quorn mince. Lovely, feel really full and added home made wedges out of a baked potato!! Curry at weekend !!!

  • Hi Guys I have watched your show with interest in 2008 I decided I was far to much on the heavy so I set about losing weight and I lost close to 50 kilos and I have kept it off and am still keeping it off I have faith in you both that you ill succeed you are wonderful guys and love watching your shows.

  • Brilliant love the programme and there realistic cooking, when making the titanic the mission series was nick named the hairy riviters / engineers,ive got the hair/beard,just need to follow the recipes and lose the belly, great series lads good luck

  • Had the diet book bought for me at christmas. Brilliant, easy to follow.
    Taking up the challenge. Just done the crumpets with pan fried fruit and creme fraiche instead of bacon butties! Unbelievable!!!

  • Love this series, you both have inspired me and my husband to lose some weight. We have given ourselves a goal of 3 months to lose the weight. I have just bought the book and am excited to try the recipes. Thank you both.

  • The book is amazing ,cooked loads of receipes lovely,lovely Jayne xxxx

  • We are both enjoying your series for dieting and have ordered the book so that we can start enjoying losing weight instead of the torture of previous attempts - many thanks to you both

  • Great ..loving there work..

  • My husband says well done on your diet, does that mean you've got bike jackets for sale

  • Just cooked your diet sweet and sour chicken. Easy to make and absolutely delicious, nothing like diet food am rushing out tomorrow to buy the book,

  • Love you guys so much- your so down to earth and its not airy fairy cooking , it's real food that all the family will enjoy! Just bought your dieters book and watching the series, your an inspiration to all of us wanting to shed the pounds. All the best lads, Maria x

  • Loved your take on dieting - it was feel good TV at its very best! I've ordered the book and I am determined to shed some pounds now. You can't stop now... please can you have a look next at all the other dishes on Indian and Chinese Take Away menus, and come up with low cal alternatives for these as well, it would be great if you could campaign to persuade Take Aways to offer low cal healthier versions.

    • Yes please Chinese.I know you did a small segment on your show, but can you expand it..Also Italian...

    • Yes, I agree, please do guys, Chinese pleeease :)

  • I have just finished watching the series and have been inspired to give losing weight another try. I have been on diet for what seem to be years ( lost about 2 stone already) but have been stuck in a rut for the last year or two. So thanks guys for the kick up the bum....

  • Loved your show.Wish you were on tv daily indef, it would keep me going all year! Tried your chilli and loved it. Well done guys you look fab!

    • Yes likeAndrea I also wish you had a daily show on television..Here in Australia we have just finished your diet series,,Would love more of the same please...Can you some how talk to the producers for a daily show...We have cooking programs daily, We have other shows about over weight people..But no show for those trying to she'd the kilos.Most shows we watch add to the kilos..S from one devoted Aussie fan, please please consider this idea...

  • Dear Bikers,

    I love your programme. Real people, real targets. Although, I do not have a weight issue, I like how you manage to eat lovely food with a healthy twist to it. This is through experience, I've a rowing machince, which I row at least 4-5 times a week. That and a bit of adjustments to food I've lost 2 dress sizes, which has brought me to a UK size 10-12. I just turned 40 btw. Also, when you invest on good nonstick pots and pans you hardly need any oil cook. All tyhe best

  • I am the same size as you were when you set off Si. it's the giving up of beer that's the hardest! Thanks for at least mentioning that and for keeping the program about real people. The nation is inspired by you guys.

  • What's nice about this show is seeing that Si doesn't like Keep fit either lol, but found other ways of exercise.

  • My wife bought me the book in October, and in conjunction with My Fitness App I started counting cals and cooking from the book. 10 weeks later I had lost 3 stone, stopped for Xmas and am now starting to loose the next 4-5 stone, I hope. Watched the show over Xmas for the 1st time, and it has been great to see you cooking the meals I now love. Thanks a lot and when is book 2 comming out?

  • Well we are both ( the wife and I) taking the plunge tomorrow and starting the diet so along with an app on our phone and the book (this could turn into the new food bible) we both aim to have a massive difference by summer time, before and and shock be continued.......

  • Hey guys have book in hand starting today! Watching tv again convinced me although I am very scared of missing craving my beloved red wine! Its that more than food I have put on weight with!!! Can't wait to get started!! Well done you two! Beats any other stupid diet!! This is real and a change of lifestyle for good! Keep you posted! Red Wine sales are going to fall for a while!!! X

  • Watched the shows, bought the book, cooked the food and I've now lost two and a half stone since I started and only have half a stone to go.

    The food's so tasty too ! It's inspirational guys, can't thank you enough for that...:-)

  • Congratulation for losing the weight, it was a inspiration watching you both.

  • I made skinny lasagne for tea on Sunday. My 13 yr old son has eaten 2 portions so far and has opted to have the last portion for his tea again( the one I froze yesterday) - that's 3 nights in a row!! WOW it must be good! Daughter wasn't keen but she's a fussy eater anyway. I'm say watching last weeks recipes to see what else we can have.Thanks guys.

  • Made your Spanish style chicken bake last night and my husband told me it's the best meal I've ever cooked in the 20+ years he's known me!

  • What a great series and great recipies - your cassolet was fab - just tucking into Sweet & Sour Chicken yum. Even my husband approves as he does not feel like he is losing out being on a diet.

  • Thankyou, thankyou THANKYOU!! You have inspired my son to loose 4 stone so far. He says he's going to aim for another 4. We are so proud of him, he looks more like his old self, and SO much healthier!! xx

  • I have made the spanish bake , cajun chicken . They are so tasty and easy to do !! im addicted to cooking now ! thanks guys .

  • Thank you guys, your recepies are fantastic. My husband has lost 14 Kg as he needs to lose weight before he undergoes a kidney donor operation - he's donating to our son. I have also lost about 5.5 Kg which has helped me with my running training for the British 10 Km run in July for Kidney Research. P.S. I've never run that far before - yet.....

  • hi guys the book was a Christmas present from my wife. Who is a great cook/chef
    so i have never needed to bother to prepare food. I do transport in the family not catering !!!
    So for a surprise when she was out for a day i prepared the caesar salad from your book. I know not the most difficult dish but wow it tasted amazing.
    she was also very impressed on how good it tasted. i have now this year lost 7 pounds with the help of the book. thanks for the inspiration.

  • O.K. your 4 programmes have inspired me to get back down to a proper weight.

    For me it's three things really, Eating too big (portion control), eating too often (sweet snacks between meals) and eating wrong (too many calories per meal).

    Having taken control of my eating, the excess is beginning to come off just in a couple of days ... though it's a fair old way to go to what I should be!!

  • I have started my diet a week ago and i feel different already. I am using lots of recipes from the book but am changing a few things.
    My husband is vegetarian and i am changing anything that needs meat to Quorn and i never add booze as neither of us drink so thats more calories saved but the protein is just as good.
    Thanks for the wonderful recipes, i am doing the spanish 'chicken' for tonight with quorn fillets and vege sausages instead of chorizo. I will let you know how it turns out :)

  • First week completed and 6lbs lost!! Easy and delicious! Made chilli, granola and tuna sweetcorn pasta! Looking forward to Monday's results :-)

  • Watched the series and bought the book. Worth every penny. Lost two stones in the first couple of months without trying too hard. Started a new job and out a stone back on!!! Got back on it and am targeting to lose 3 stone over the next 6 months. I know I can do it with the boys help.

    Roll on series 2 because Britain needs you. Thanks fellas.


  • Enjoyed your series so much bought the book last week and so far have cooked the Sweet and Sour Chicken, Cottage Pie and Lamb, Spinach and Potato Curry all so delicious and tasty, have lost 4 lbs already. Can't wait to try more of your recipes :)

  • Had your book for Christmas and watched your tv programme. Love both. Started today and had your roasted cod with lama ham and peppers. Was lovely

  • I had the cod with Palma ham last night too and it is lovely!. the vegetarian chicken and chorizo bake turned out great too :)

  • I did the old fashioned chicken and veg stew, It was absolutely gorgeous, all my family love it. cant wait for the next meal :D

  • I have just ordered the book and can't wait to start cooking! However, being vegetarian I often use veggie mince or quorn chicken pieces in place of meat - will I have to recalculate the calories?

  • Me, my mum and my dad are following some of your recipes. My favourite is the lamb, potato and spinach curry and the lamb hotpot. My least favourite is the breakfast with rocket lettuce and tomatoes. I'm going to keep having different recipes from the book to try. X x x

  • Just joined the Hairy Bikers Diet Club..Having watched your program.I have already lost many kilos on my own..I still need to lose another 10/ 15.kilos..So with the help of this club I hope I will be able to achieve my goal.Cant wait to purchase your book for these great recipes to achieve my goal

  • Started doing the recipes just over 2weeks ago my husband has lost 1stone 1lb and I have 9 lbs we have loved every recipe that we have cooked ! This is best diet that we have ever been on !

  • Have been cooking your dishes for my hubby (and family/friends) since start of Jan.. Have made about 15 different recipes, lamb tagine, cassoulet and jalfrezi in particular were favourites and everything else was fantastic. My 8 yr old son and his pal loved the mince and potato pies too!
    Hubby has lost a stone in a month and has said he's never eaten so much and so well!
    Thank u for making dieting tasty!!

  • all your stories are inspiring me to lose the weight too , need to lose a stone , prob more , well done all of you x

  • My son resides in Las Vegas and last year when I stayed with him we were watching your trip round Europe. We enjoyed making all the superb foods from foreign parts. The chocolate cheese cake was our fav, we ended up making lots of types. If you are ever out there, give him a shout, he'll give you a pint of his beer they make. L

  • I have never been so impressed with 'diet' food! Yes, sometimes it takes a bit of effort to make the recipes, but the flavour is well worth it, and wipes the floor with even the best ready calorie counted meals. My husband and I have been using their main meal ideas since the new year, watching a 1200 cal diet like the Hairy Bikers (and that includes some wine occasionally), and I have lost 18lbs and my husband has lost 20lbs.
    Can't recommend it enough, as we have been struggling to stick to any diet for over 2 years now, and this seems to be working.... give it a go!

  • Not bothered about losing weight but am borderline diabetic and am finding it very difficult to find interesting sugar-free dessert recipes.

  • Love your book!! hav nearly made and tryed all of them now every one is tasty and satisfying hoping your going to be doing another dieting series or book as would love some new recipes :)

  • I love the recipes, so easy to follow, very tasty. Please do another book as soon as possible . I have lost one and half stone since january 2nd.

  • I made the meat & veg pies with pizza dough assisted by my granddaughter (9 years), absolutely brilliant. Also made some apple pies using a well known sweetener. I disregarded the juice from the fruit. The pizza dough was made in my bread making machine only fat 1 tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil for 9 pies in all. Thank you for the inspiration.

  • starting weight of 19st 3 pounds last November now down to a healthier 15st 6 pounds thanks guys supper food

  • The Hairy Dieters' programme and book inspired me to finally change my eating habbits and lose weight. I've lost 30kg since August 2012.

  • Love the two books, favourite recipe id the Spanish chicken out of the white book. Have been working nights for the past few months finding it hard to shift the weight, so am going to give the dite club a goo!!

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