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Monday 30th January, 2012

We've all done it, turned the TV over to see the second half of an exciting looking recipe be presented. Your mouth is watering but you've got no idea where to start.

Do not fear! Chances are, if it's a Hairy Bikers recipe you're after, you'll be able to find it. Not only do we have a huge collection of recipes, right here, on this site. You can also find a back catalogue of recipes on the Official Hairy Bikers BBC page.

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  • watch your programme most weeks - except when nod off- Saw one where you cooked chicken breast in a bamboo steamer. Dashed out and bought similar to yours, cannot find the recipe anywhere. Help......... Love your programmes, so many from the North East which is brilliant. Thankyou for some good ideas.

  • gonna do kedgeree for tea. Saw it on your programme lat week and thought hhhmmmm yup lol

  • Just seen the Bikers piccalilli but did not get all the ingredients. Please can you obligue?

  • Were can I find the reciepy for Welsh Rabbit as shown on TV this evening (31.2.12)

  • Can I get the recipe for the Ham Hock that was shown along with the piccalilli made in the most recent edition of this great show?

    • can I get the recipe for the ham hock

    • need recipe for ham hock

  • Have been watching The Great British Food Revival here in Australia...and need to locate your twist on Cauliflower au Gratin (with bacon, bread crumbs etc)...please help :)

  • I am looking for the Hairy Bikers Recipe for bran fruit loaf/teabread. Not sure if it was in Mum Knows Best or Tour of Britain. it was a simple recipe which I. Anyone out there know where to find it?

  • I can't find the Ham Hock and picalilli recipe anywhere ;o(

    Please help ! thank you

  • how do you make homemade beef burger

  • HELP! Im planning on cooking the Black pudding and Scallops on the mash dish that was on earlier this season, please could you send me the recipe as its Valenties dat tomorrow so I attempting to cook my annual meal.



  • plz help looking for the recipe for mutton pie you had on the show last week ,would love to try it
    thanks x

  • I would like the hairy bikers lancashire hotpot theymade in Accrington. Can anyone help?

  • Can't seem to find recipe for Norwegian sourdough bread from Hairy Biker Bakeation series. I'm gagging to try it!

    Please help. X

  • I am pretty sure that I watched a programme of yours, where you guys, or one of your guests, made a Cider Bread.
    If so, could you provide the recipe. can't wait for a new series,new theme & new adventure. Thanks "Boyos"

  • cant find the recipe for the monster donor kebab it only shows video s but i cant watch videos it uses up all my broadband credit lol

  • Hiya, can I please get the recipe for the Ham Hock that was shown along with the hom-made piccalilli?

    Much obliged x

  • cant find marmalade recipe

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