Best of British Catch Up - Week 5


Saturday 17th December, 2011

'Best of British' has reached the end of it's 5th week, so we've collected all of the episodes here for your viewing pleasure.

Please remember that next week (19th-23rd), 'Best of British' will switch from BBC2 to BBC1!

Episode 21:

The Boys continue their culinary journey through time by celebrating Britain's numerous food festivals. The duo reveal the fascinating stories behind the events and sample some of the dishes on offer.

Episode 22:
indulge in an afternoon snack as they examine the history of high tea in Britain. The pair partake of a selection of tasty food and fascinating stories as they embark on a quest to explore what has become a national institution.

Episode 23:

The bikers explore the history behind some of the country's most popular spices and explore how they have been used to liven up meals. The culinary duo also visit a chilli festival - with mouth-numbing consequences.

Episode 24:
The bikers explore the British tradition of cooking with food hunted from the land and prepare a selection of dishes with rabbit, grouse and venison.

Episode 25:
The bikers continue their culinary journey into the history of British food, and in this edition explore breakfast dishes, discovering how the morning meal keeps evolving.

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  • A great series but I do get annoyed the number of times I hear British Food is Best. Not necessarily! I live overseas and I see and eat many many fantastic foods. I even hear on UK TV - British this or British that. British Salmon, Ducks etc - do they have passports?

    • Food is different all over the world, things we like, things we don't. I am french live in france, but yes I love english food, and japenese, and itlaien etc Wake up and enjoy life, and eating, you sound so so so miserable. Have a sprig of holly to cheer you up.

    • I sympathise with you Rob, but here in Britain for many years if anyone wanted to make a product trendy it was always 'Irish', Irish Butter, Irish Cider, Irish Chilies!! Now the trend is to call it 'Organic'!!!...

  • only just caught the last 2 episodes. Very good but not very well promoted by bbc - I had not realised this was a new programme and not just endless repeat of an earlier series.

  • I left the uk in 1971 and these guys have taught me all I didn't know about traditional english food and how to cook it. Thankyou. I enjoy all you do and how you are and any complaints are to be sent to me and I shall deal with them!
    Again all my thanks

  • hi
    the first time ever, tried a dish from the telly, made the fish pie lads, bloody great even the wife ate it all. Marrow next !!


  • why is there not a copy of the fish pie recipe with the others, its looked lovely

  • Love to see you both cook, with all that enthusiasm. It's catching. I have to agree with the first comment: we know we're watching BB, so don't say it so often.
    And please, please get pronunciations right (the whole nation copies you).
    Paella is pa-e-ya, and not payella. thank you

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