The Bikers are back with a brand new BBC2 series!


Tuesday 8th November, 2011

The British Isles has an extensive culinary heritage with a wealth of producers and innovative chefs that are flying the flag for Great British cuisine. The Hairy Bikers are back and they're on a mission to prove that British food is the best in the world.

Just about everything we eat has a fascinating history and the Bikers will travel all over the country and delve into the history books and archives as the journey in to the narrative of what we eat.

The Bikers said, “Everything we put on our plates tells us something about where we come from - from how the recipes evolved to the way in which we produced the ingredients. If you want to find out about Britain’s past, take a look at what we eat now and join us as we meet some of our nation's food heroes, who keep our gourmet heritage alive.”

The Hairy Bikers ‘Best of British’ will air on Monday November 14th at 3.45 pm on BBC2.

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  • Good I think the hairy bikers are great not only do they have some great recipes but they also have a great sense of humour. Keep up the good work .

  • Looking forward to this series. You do cheer me up.

  • Great news about the new series. Cant wait for it

  • Nice one lads, I'm looking forward to it already!

  • cant wait you should come and see us at country market holfirth west yorks. Where everythihg is homemade cakes pies marmalades jams chutney we also sell locally sourced meat honey crafts much more come and see us every saturday we are there and have a bacon butty with us .xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • I am looking forward to another great series for you guys. Keep up the excellent work. I am patiently anticipating the arrival of my signed Perfect Pies book.

  • Hi there si and dave just to let you know you autograph has gone right on my fridge.Thanks for spending time chatting to my son when you met today at the mcmanus gallery in dundee today,im sure ross had plenty to say and took great delight in teasing me with the fact he met you.You had a conversation about scotch eggs a wonder ross has always wondered about should have brought them home for tea i told ross and let them eat proper dundee cooking thanks again jenny x

  • love em soooo much. Going to their book signing on 16th. can't wait, truly an insperation boys. Makes me happy to watch your humour, baking+ friendly personalities. thank you.

  • Would just like to say thanks to The Hairy Bikers for filming at mine and my new wife Jen's wedding can't wait to see it on the new series...

  • Watched show tonight, great as usual with some good laughs and ideas.
    ps. Was that Tiumph Tigers ?

  • Hey-I watched the programme showing the harvesting of cauliflower. The way they cut off all the leaves is such a waste! Why is it that they do that?

  • can any one tell me the website or name of the company that made the scotch eggs that were shown on the episode 22/11/11.Really want to try them

    • can anyone tell the name of song on the war episode, at 30.46 when the the 3 old timers are walkind to the army tent,

    • It was the Handmade Scotch Egg company from Herefordshire. If you check their website you may find a list of delis across the country that sell their scotch eggs.

  • can anyone tell me the name of the song,

    from the war episode, at 30.46


    and these two are briliant love food love watching them,

  • can anyone tell the name of song on the war episode, at 30.46 when the the 3 old timers are walkind to the army tent,


  • how long can I keep the xmas pud for ??? Looks and smells great !!

  • The best shows of the week, the only down side is WAY IS IT ON AT 3.45PM!!! The boys should be on in the evening where they belong!!!!!!!

  • Hi you have solved a 60 year old family mystery, as children when asking what was for tea. We were told whim wams ?. After seeing you on the Victory. Now we know. Curious , as my g g grand father was a master mariner in 1810. Thanks Si and Dave.

  • Since when is Marsala from Spain???????
    Get your facts right Dave!!

  • Good to see you at Ramsbottom for the Black Pudding Throwing Contest. I got the hint that you didn't really fall for the shaggy dog story explaining the supposed historical origin of the competition. I think it was made up as a joke by the chap who started the competition, the landlord of a now closed pub in Stubbins. There was no fighting in the Bury area in the Wars of the Roses and as you hinted in your narration they were between the supporters of the Dukes of York and Lancaster not Yorkshire and Lancashire at all!

  • Where is the recipe for kedgeree?????

  • As with everything the H B's do, Great British Food it's an outstanding program, which we watch with interest and never miss, even the repeats. One comment - if the Hairy Bikers are promoting great British food, why do they use Italian cheese in their dishes? Twice tonight (5.01.12), they cooked dishes which used Italian cheese. Susequently, they extolled the vitues of certain European sausage. According to the British Cheese Board, there are over 700 varieties of cheese made in the UK (and many varieties of sausage)... so why are they using Italian cheeses in their cooking? (Imported?) One is not Delia, after all.

  • Loving the show. The guys always make me laugh. Sure I can smell the foodd through my tv. Is there a book to accompany the series as don't seem able to find one?

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